What is MCT Oil?

MCT Oil is an acronym for medium chain triglyceride oil. It is derived from coconut oil and is made of mostly caprylic ad capric fatty acids with some lauric acid. It is rare in that most other fatty foods contain long chain triglycerides. MCT oil is odourless, clear and liquid at room temperature.

Chia Breakfasts

 The seeds are tasteless and turn to a gelatinous substance. Add to anything and everything. Add to cereal, porridge, smoothies, juices. Sprout them. Add to baby foods for extra nutrition.


it’s the texture of this dish that really makes it; the ever-so-slightly molten egg combined with the creamy avocado is just dreamy – and remarkably filling. The recipe requires the minimum of prep, which makes it perfect for an indulgent snack or, paired with whole wheat bread soldiers, a luxuriant meal. I’d love to try it topped with bacon crumbles because, well, it’s bacon. And avocado. And egg.

The Truth about Cholesterol

thelifestylecafe_ cholesterol

Cholesterol has become a buzz word and nearly everyone has run to their doctor in fear of their cholesterol level. It has been demonised over the last 20 years and caused us to fear foods like eggs, meat and other healthy fats. However, it may have been wrongly accused all these years.

Thai Fish Cakes

The Thai fish cakes could be used as a lunch time snack or as a light dinner. They are super delicious and not that difficult to cook.

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