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Seed Cycling for Hormonal Health


Do you suffer with unpleasant hormonal symptoms such as painful breasts, cramps, mood swings, migraines, back ache, low energy or uterine fibroids? Do you have irregular periods? Have your periods completely stopped without any reason? If you answered yes to any of these then you may have a hormonal imbalance, more specifically, an imbalance between the two main female hormones estrogen and progesterone.

5 High Fat Low Carb Snack Ideas


In the past you may have reached for a packet of chips, a chocolate or a cool drink to stave off hunger, but now you know the health risks of this behaviour and have adopted a new and healthier eating plan. It can be difficult to think of things to eat for snacks if you are new to the High Fat Low Carb way of eating.

Rib-eye steak with pan fried tomatoes


Beautiful rib-eye steak with tomatoes and rosemary caper butter. Perfectly cooked this can be used as a dinner or lunch option. The idea is to make something enjoyable for the whole family and that is quick and easy to make. This takes 10 minutes to prepare.


My Lewe deur Petro


You are about to read an inspiring story, written from her heart by Petro, who describes her journey. Her story has motivated me and i want to share it with our readers.

Ek is Petro du Bruyn. Weeg 142kg en het ‘n jaar terug 222kg geweeg. Hier is my storie.

Fat Bombs


Your main source of energy should come from fat. Sometimes it can be hard to find good easy snacks that contain a very high percentage of fat. The solution however is to make “fat bombs” that you can use whenever you feel for a little snack. 

Use a ice tray with shapes to make them a little different.

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