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Banting Ice Cream Recipe

banting ice cream

The festive season is fast approaching and with that comes Christmas parties, year-end parties and plenty of gatherings with family and friends. It is important that we keep our Banting lifestyle up over the holidays because we don’t want to lose the bodies and health that we have worked so hard for over the past year.

Moringa for Healthy Skin


Moringa is a superfood plant that originates from the Himalayas in India. This plant is a powerhouse of minerals, vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants and it is used medicinally in traditional medicine to treat a myriad of conditions.

Banting Sweet Recipe: Fruity Jelly Sweets


If you are trying to keep your kids off sugar, and are trying to avoid it yourself, it can be difficult to find treats or snacks that are satisfying. If you have a sweet tooth you may be reaching for artificial sweetener, but luckily we now have healthy sweetener options like xylitol and stevia.

Banting Sweet Treat Recipe


Summer is here and thanks to the Banting diet many of us are ready to hit the beach and the pool with our new bikini body!

What is Colloidal Silver?


Silver has been used for centuries and ancient civilisations in Egypt, Greece and Babylon relied heavily on silver has a healing agent. Since then colloidal silver has been developed which makes it a lot easier and effective to use this metal for its healing properties. Colloidal silver is a solution that suspends silver ions in de-ionised water.

Banting Fudge Recipe


Fudge is one of the sweetest and most delicious treats one can eat, but it contains a shocking amount of sugar and will send the sugar levels of anyone who eats it sky high. Those on a low carb or Banting diet might feel deprived as they try to stay away from these kinds of foods and this might lead to a binge down the road. Luckily there are plenty of healthy ingredients that we can use to come up with low carb and Banting versions of our favourite treats.

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