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Book Review: “Good Morning Mr Mandela” by Zelda le Grange


“Good Morning Mr Mandela” is one of this year’s most highly anticipated books, written by Nelson Mandela’s personal assistant and confidant of over 20 years, Zelda le Grange.

Nutrition and Cancer Treatment


Getting proper nutrition during any kind of cancer treatment is so important. The body needs high quality forms of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals during this time. These nutrients give the body energy, help repair normal tissue, and keep the immune system strong to fight disease.

Lose Weight for Summer with Good Nutrition


Summer is finally here and with that comes the terrifying thought of having to be seen in swimwear with our winter weight gain in full view. Crash dieting and calorie counting will damage your metabolism and health in the long run, so the best thing to do is to change your lifestyle by incorporating daily exercise and adapting a new way of eating.

Keep Your Skin Healthy This Summer


Summer has finally arrived and we now have countless opportunities to be outside under the harsh African sun. While this time of year is often fun and care-free, we do need to become more mindful of looking after our skin.

Deal With a Bee Sting Naturally

bee sting

A bee sting is never a pleasant experience, especially if it happens to your child! They are painful, cause swelling and can be a real nuisance for weeks after the initial incident if they are not treated properly.

5 Quick Ways to Reduce Stress


Stress is so prevalent in our day to day lives that we often don’t realise the effects it has on our mental and physical health. Managing stress is something that I believe should be taught to us in junior school and continue to be encouraged as we grow up. This might actually prevent us from many of the stress-induced illnesses that are so prevalent today.

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