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Natural Ways to Prevent Fleas on Your Pet


Fleas are horrible critters that can make the life of your pet and your family very uncomfortable. What’s more is that conventional flee treatment are ineffective and the chemical ingredients can actually have harmful effects on the health of your pet and those that come in contact with its fur.

What is Chia Meal?


Chia meal is a new product from the raw food and superfood suppliers Soaring Free Superfoods. It is a blend of the best and most nutritious superfoods to satisfy your hunger and make a delicious breakfast, dessert or snack.

What is a Raw Food Diet?


Raw food diets are very popular in the alternative health and wellness world and many people swear by this way of life to lose weight and heal all kinds of health problems.

All about Moringa


The Moringa plant is gaining popularity in the Western world for its superfood properties. This diverse plant, also known as Moringa Oleifera, is native to India, Pakistan, the Himalayan region, Africa and Arabia and has been used traditionally in Indian Ayurvedic medicine for hundreds of years.

What is Baobab Powder?


Baobab fruit powder is a delicious and healthy African superfood. It obtained naturally from the dried pulp of the hard-shelled baobab fruit and it is not refined or processed with any chemicals. These fruit drop to the ground when they are ready to be harvested and are collected by rural communities living near these gorgeous trees.

SuperThrive for Children


The early years of life are the foundation on which we build healthy bodies and minds. It can be a real challenge to get our kids to eat healthy, high nutrient foods like fruit and vegetables, pulses, meat, nuts, seeds and herbs. Luckily with the help of nutrient-dense, superfood blends like SuperThrive for Children we can give them a delicious boost of herbs, adaptogens, protein, fatty acids, minerals and vitamins in a gentle and safe blended powder.

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