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Low Carb High Fat Baking


Have you started Banting and think that this means you have to wave goodbye to your favourite baked treats and meals? You couldn’t be more wrong! Thanks to some very handy low carb high fat baking products you can now find ways to bake the same recipes with a high fat twist.

Recommended food lists for Nuts and Seeds

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Nuts and seeds are always a healthy snack option. A person can make up packs for lunch time snacks or granola for breakfast. The Lifestyle offers a varied choice of nuts from 100g to 1Kg. The best news is that we are the cheapest in town, and that’s any town. We deliver to your door.

Find our seeds here as well as other lifestyle products.

Read articles on lifestyle options and find great recipes.

The Sugar Issue


Sugars taste addictively awesome, supposedly ‘give you energy’ and it’s in everything from biltong, baby formula to braai sauce. Every time you have sugar (in any form) it makes you hungrier and takes you out of your fat burning zone. It does a 180° flip, leaving you with short term gratification and long term negative health side effects. It’s not import that you understand sugars it’s utterly CRITICAL!

Recommended Food Lists for Fruit


Original Eating involves limiting the amount of carbohydrate in one’s diet to levels that the body can manage easily. Carbohydrate is a bulky, and highly reactive energy source. It requires insulin for storage. Insulin is a very powerful storage hormone, and when produced in large amounts may lead to diseases as explained by Prof Noakes. Different people may have different carbohydrate tolerance.

Has Your Weight Loss Stalled?


When you begin a healthy low carb, high fat diet (also known as Banting) you may notice that your weight loss happens quickly at first and then tapers off. You have a lot more kgs to lose before you reach your goal weight and you may be wondering what you can do to kick start it again.

Blueberry and nut bombs


Blueberries  are one of the most antioxidant rich foods on the planet. Sometimes referred to as the “brainberry” or “youthberry”, they have magical skills like neutralising free radical damage to cells, and promoting the production of good quality collagen. They provide anti-inflammatory benefits to the brain and muscle tissue; and improve digestive and urinary tract health

We are going to combine them with nuts to make our blueberry nut  bombs.

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