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SuperThrive Digestion


Do you suffer with bloating, acid reflux, gas, stomach cramps or IBS? If you answer yes to any of those symptoms you probably have poor digestive function.

Self Care for Good Health


We are so busy and stressed these days that it is taking a toll on our mental and physical health. Taking time out to take care of yourself and have a mental “vacation” is one of the most important things you can do for your health and happiness. If you don’t put yourself first then you will not be able to give time or energy to those around you at work or home.

Common Vegetarian Nutrient Deficiencies


Vegetarianism is often thought of as a healthier way of eating, and while it may work for some people, other people may feel worse. The removal of meat, fish and sometimes dairy products and eggs can make it difficult to meet all the body’s nutrient requirements. While it is possible to be optimally nourished while eating this way, vegetarians need to plan their diet carefully.

Bone Broth Recipe

thelifestylecafe_bonebroth (2)

In last week’s blog we detailed the health benefits that are attributed to drinking bone broth regularly.

Healing, nutritious bone broth is very easy and cheap to make, but it does take some time because the bones need to be simmered for 12-24 hours. This long cooking process allows the bones to break down and release their minerals, collagen and amino acids.

Vision Blurred? Are you Banting?

Blurred vision

One of the unexpected side effects when first getting your blood sugar under control, is that your vision can change. There is always fluid inside your eye, and even in the lenses in your eyes. As the blood sugar in the rest of your body drops, the amount of sugar in your eyes stays high.

Benefits of Bone Broth


Bone broth has become a huge trend in the alternative health and nutrition community, and for good reason. The sudden popularity of the Banting diet and the Low Carbohydrate movement means that bone broth is starting to become more main stream.

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