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Solving Insulin Resistance


Insulin resistance, also known as metabolic syndrome or pre-diabetes, is a dangerous health condition that is becoming more and more prevalent today. The predisposing factors for insulin resistance include genetics, poor diet, high intake of carbohydrates and trans fats, inactive lifestyle, smoking and stress.

Hamburger Buns


Feel like the odd burger? Now that we have opted to no longer visit the local drive through, there is that odd occasion a burger would be nice, even a healthier option for the kids.

Don’t Fear High Fat


Ever since the 1970’s, the media has put the fear of fat into us. This sparked the rise of the “low-fat,” “lite,” “fat-free,” and “slimmers” products. The idea of eating less fat is based on no scientific evidence and ignores the fact that fat is essential for every cell in our body because the membrane of every cell in our body is made from fat.

What is Ketosis?


Ketosis is a state where the body is using fat for energy. During ketosis the body breaks down fat instead of carbohydrates to produce energy (ATP) and in the process it produces ketone bodies.

Banting for Kids


Many adults have turned to the Banting way of eating to cure their weight and health problems and have achieved great success. The next question seems to be: Is Banting for kids too?

New Coffee Recipe


So it’s the time to experiment and this time we are going to try a new coffee recipe, let me know how it goes and whether you prefer this to the Bulletproof coffee. Remember you are allowed a small measure of carbs.

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