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Book Review: Raising Superheroes


“Raising Superheroes” is the much anticipated sequel to Tim Noake’s best-selling Banting book “The Real Meal Revolution”. This time Tim Noakes is joined by Chef Jonno Proudfoot and paediatric dietician, Bridget Surtees in this beautiful book about Banting for kids.

17 Tips to double your productivity

productivity robin sharma

Robin Sharma is the globally celebrated author of 15 international bestselling books on leadership. Too many human beings postpone living. We say that we will live our best lives when we have more time or when we finish the pressing projects that are consuming us. We tell those around us that we will be more loving and passionate when things slow down. We promise ourselves that we will get into world-class physical condition and eat healthier food when we have a little bit more time. Yet, deep within us, each one of us knows that there will never be a better time to live our biggest life than now. And if not today, then when?

5 Benefits of Himalayan Salt


Salt has been demonised by conventional medicine and the press for decades, but the truth is that it is essential for the health and proper functioning of the whole body. It all comes down to the type of salt that is consumed.

Veggie-Packed Bobotie

Veggie Bobotie

This South African classic is a family favourite and a brilliant vessel for secret vegetables. We’ve kept our version quite mild in flavour; add a little more curry powder to spice it up for more adventurous kids.

Taken from the new book raising Superheroes the latest book for Children by Tim Noakes and is more about healthy meals for children, less sugar. Recipes are easy to make and children will be none the wiser.

5 Uses for Epsom Salts


Epsom salts, also known as magnesium sulphate, is an inexpensive and versatile natural mineral. They have been used for hundreds of years and should be kept in every single household due to many different uses and health benefits. They can be used internally and topically and are absorbed rapidly through the skin.

7 Uses for Aloe Vera


Aloe vera is a succulent plant that is part of the Lily family. The aloe vera leaf is filled with a gel substance, which is approximately 99% water and over 200 vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, sugars and fatty acids. This gel can be used externally or internally for a variety of purposes. Aloe vera has been used medicinally for thousands of years and nowadays this super plant is used frequently in households across the world.

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