Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp Natural Shape


Enhance the beauty of your living space while cultivating a sense of warmth, positivity and wellbeing for your family. This special natural Himalayan salt lamp acts as a natural ioniser and air cleanser, neutralising the electromagnetic frequencies commonly emitted by the numerous modern appliances throughout your home. Simply switch it on and enjoy the gorgeous glow as the lamp’s naturally negative ions cleanse and nurture your home’s loving atmosphere.s.

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Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps emit negatively charged ions, which have been found to assist with the following : Electromagnetic Radiation Asthma Depression Improved Sleep Immune System Healing

Where to Place your Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp

In offices placed tastefully or on a desk next to a computer In a bedroom next to the bed (excellent as night light for children)

In a lounge as a feature or next to a television

In reception areas of buildings to create a welcoming ambience

In a kitchen next to a fridge, microwave, blender or juicer

In gyms or sports clubs to enhance recovery from exercise

In health spas to cleanse the air and create a comforting vibe

In massage rooms to create a peaceful ambience

In meditation rooms to enhance alpha brain wave state

In hotel rooms to cleanse the air of odours and dust

In hospitals to enhance the healing process

In waiting rooms to calm and relax patients

In smoking areas to clear the smoke from the air

Note: The lamp uses a 15-watt pygmy globe with a screw-in fitting.


  • Leave your Himalayan crystal salt lamp switched on for a continuous source of healing negative ions.
  • To clean the lamp, switch it off and wipe it with a slightly damp cloth.
  • If the lamp is switched off for a few days or longer, cover it with an airtight bag to prevent the accumulation of moisture.
  • Use a quality electric lead and globe.

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