With Love Pure Beeswax 11cm Rolled Pillar Candle


Let your light shine while keeping it natural! Made from locally sourced, unbleached and undiluted beeswax, this gorgeous With Love candle is as natural as it gets. With Love’s non-toxic candles make a warm welcoming addition to your home – perfect for a romantic candlelit dinner. A great gift for a loved one, or a beautiful addition to your home décor. With Love crafts their candles using only natural golden beeswax and pure cotton wicks, no paraffin or harsh chemicals – so you get a product that’s clean-burning, long-lasting and simply beautiful.

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  • 11cm chunky candle
  • Natural beeswax with pure cotton wick
  • Natural hypoallergenic properties
  • Clean-burning, no toxic fumes
  • Lasts longer than paraffin wax candles
  • Releases air-cleansing negative ions as it burns
  • Beneficial for those with allergies & asthma symptoms
  • Great as a stocking-filler or housewarming gift

Ordinary wax candles are made with paraffin, a petroleum by-product, and release toxins into the air as they burn. Meanwhile, natural beeswax candles are clean-burning, and the negative ions they release help to improve the surrounding air quality.


Rolled from 100% natural beeswax; pure cotton wick