6 Tips to Improve your Digestion after Christmas

After indulging in sugar, alcohol and refined grains and fats this festive season most of us are feeling bloated, fatigued and fat, and our digestion feels out of kilter. Luckily our bodies are quick to heal and drop weight if we just feed them the right foods and adopt a few healthy lifestyle tips.

Use these 6 tips to help improve your digestion after the festive period.

1. Drink a glass of warm water with fresh lemon juice or apple cider vinegar each morning. This combination will improve your digestion and alkalinise your body, thus leaving you feeling healthier.

2. Try peppermint tea.
This delicious tea has properties which will calm your digestion, get rid of nausea, and leave you feeling refreshed.

3. Add kefir to your diet.
Kefir is a drink that is made from fermenting milk, water or coconut water with specific bacteria and yeast “grains”. It is a tasty and thick liquid and is packed with beneficial bacteria and yeast (also known as probiotics) and it boosts digestion and immunity.

4. Make some ginger tea. Ginger is a wonderful natural soother for the digestive system and it can be used to make a really tasty drink. Simply add some raw ginger slices, a teaspoon of honey and some lemon juice to a few cups of hot water and let it brew. Then enjoy it at your leisure.

5. Have fermented foods with your meal.
Fermented foods like sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha and others are packed with healthy bacteria and live enzymes which help you to break down and digest the food you eat. Try adding a spoonful or two of these foods to your meals and see the difference!

6. Cut down on alcohol.
Indulging in alcohol over the festive period leaves us feeling bloated, run down and generally unwell. Alcoholic drinks are usually packed with sugar and are often added to soft drinks which cause all kinds of digestive upsets. If you can’t avoid it altogether for a while, try to stick to plain spirits (vodka, gin, whiskey) and avoid cocktails, wine and beer.

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