8-TREK all purpose ointment

The economical all-purpose ointment

Most people suffer from frequent minor skin problems like cuts or grazes and medicine chests usually contain countless different remedies to deal with them all. 8-Trek ointment is an all-purpose ointment that can replace many of these as it helps to treat grazes, insect bites, eczema, splinters, thorns, ingrown nails/hairs and even boils.

To treat grazes or cuts, a small amount of 8-Trek ointment is applied gently over the affected area.   This should be repeated frequently or until the wound starts to heal.  When treating ingrown hairs, thorns or splinters a more generous dab of 8-Trek ointment should be applied and the wound covered.    8-Trek ointment helps to draw out any impurities by softening the skin around the infected area.  The dressing should be left on for 24 hours before changing it for the first time, and then once the impurities are drawn out and the wound starts to heal, it can be left open to finish healing.

If not treated promptly, boils can be painful, spread infection and cause complications.  Untreated they can keep recurring as the infection may spread.  When treating boils, apply a generous amount of 8-Trek ointment to the boil which will help to8-TREK FINAL soften the affected area and draw out pus and impurities.  The boil should be covered with an absorbent dressing which will both protect it and prevent any infection from spreading.  It is very important to note that if a boil does not respond to home treatment fairly quickly, one should consult a medical practitioner.   *Boils should never be “popped” as this may spread the infection to surrounding areas.

When treating any wound, it is important to wash hands thoroughly and clean the wound with a mild antiseptic. The wound area should also be dried thoroughly before applying 8-Trek ointment and a dressing.

Being economical and safe to use on children, 8-Trek ointment can be kept in sports bags, travel bags and school bags as well as medicine chests.