The Air that I Breathe – Air Purification Systems

The Air that I Breathe – Air Purification Systems

We need air.  It is life giving and we do take advantage of the fact that it’s all around us.  But, have you thought about the quality of the air we breathe?  Air purification systems can help us breathe the good air we need.

Along with oxygen, we breathe in smoke, carbon dioxides and allergy inflicting substances.  A cleansing and purifying system can help you to eliminate those pollutions.

As a standard, we are subjected to indoor pollutants which cause:

  • Migraines and mild headaches
  • Constant tiredness
  • Asthma and just general laboured breathing
  • Allergies, which affect our skin and lungs
  • Regular sneezing fits and running nose

If you are looking to get rid of these symptoms, then you want to be investing in a purification system.

And, we have just the perfect air purifiers with Perfectaire Bliss. A range of purifiers that will fit into your environment, home or office.  You can choose from six different colours to complement any space.  They have green, purple, pink, yellow, blue, and a natural hue.

The Perfectaire Bliss range is child and pet friendly as well as eco-friendly and just needs to be placed near to a plug point.

And, if you weren’t convinced, the benefits of using the Perfectaire Bliss air purification system are:

  1. Eliminating bacteria and air-borne viruses from the air
  2. Removing contaminants such as dust, mould and pollen
  3. Neutralising lingering pet smells, cigarette and cigar smoke, paint fumes
  4. Preventing fungi and mould growth

If you value your health and those of your family or employees, consider purchasing a few of these air purification systems.  You can pop them into each room or the rooms where there is the highest accumulation of toxic air.

If you like the idea of creating a mood through colour, look to using the Perfectaire Rainbow air purifier, where the LED lights change colours according to what you choose.  And, to add to it, you can go with a colour unit that matches your surroundings.  The Perfectaire Rainbow comes in black, blue, green, cream, pink and white.

And, Perfectaire options don’t stop there.  For that trendy look, go with Perfectaire uglobal where you can take your pick of metallic blue, gold or purple.

To sweeten this deal, you get a 1 year guarantee on the lid and motor.

Choosing a green option for your living and working space is always the right choice, so take your pick of colour and whether you want changing LED lights from the Perfectaire range.

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