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The most neglected part of the body is the neck in terms of wrinkles and wrinkle prevention.  It is also one of the most vulnerable areas of the body that fine lines develop.

This is due to the skin being alot thinner on the neck than the face, making it more exposed to UV damage from the harsh, natural South African sunlight and any other forms of UV light.

The support functions of the neck and throat are also relatively weak, and therefore less able to battle against the gravitational pull we all experience as we get older.

Chest  wrinkles are particularly common in women, who often expose their cleavage in both shirts and dresses. The sun damages chest skin, leading to wrinkles and fine lines, just as it does the face.

Causes of wrinkles around the neck

Fat is redistributed around the body as we grow older. We lose fat in the neck, along with the eyes and cheeks.  Lack of fat under the skin means that there is a reduced level of support and often refered to as turkey neck.

Other causes can be a bad diet, poor skin care routine, excessive sun exposure or a combination of all these things.


The best way is to treat your neck and cleavage area the same way you do your face. Cleanse, tone and moisturise the entire area on a daily basis and make sure you always wear sunscrean when exposing the skin to harsh conditions.

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