Are you Marathon Fit?

Training for a marathon takes time, dedication and determination. It doesn’t matter what age you are or even how fit you are, if you are feeling the urge to participate, then there is much you can do to ensure your success if you take the right approach. Putting your name down for a marathon and announcing it to your friends and family is a fantastic way to ensure that you put in the time and training to make it an achievable goal.

It provides an almost ‘impossible to wriggle out of ‘clause that will keep you focussed and if you want an additional incentive, you will find fund-raising for a good charity cause will inspire and encourage you to quite literally go the extra mile.

So if you are determined to run a marathon, it’s important to approach your training in the right way. The best time to do your training is first thing in the morning and it’s important to make it a regular occurrence. Creating a routine for your training is essential because it then becomes part of your lifestyle and you will have fewer distractions once you slip into a focussed routine.

Ensure that you are properly equipped to start your training. Purchase the right type of running shoes and ensure that they are fitted correctly and this will help you to avoid any injuries. It’s a good idea to join your local running club or certainly to talk to other like-minded individuals. They will be able to give you lots of support and encouragement throughout. Simple things such as learning to stretch correctly before and after each training session can help you to avoid becoming injured.

It’s good to be dedicated but it’s easy to become over-enthusiastic too. Learn to rest in between those hard training sessions and incorporate low-intensity sessions throughout too so that your body has a chance to heal and recover. Encourage a friend to take up running with you so that you can support each other. There will be days when you just don’t want to brave the cold and wet weather and a run is the last thing on your mind but if you have a friend who is all geared up and ready to go, it’s likely to motivate you all the same.

Running a marathon can be an incredibly satisfying sporting achievement. The secret to success is to plan your training early so as to avoid putting yourself under too much physical pressure too soon and to adopt a healthy mindset taking care of yourself each step of the way.

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