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Ask the right questions

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Like with most areas of life we need to ask the right questions.  He who asks the questions holds the power.  While finding the answers takes a trifle more effort, one question can lead to another, and another, and another.  And, in between, the answers will pop up.

href=””>Simon Sinek asked one pertinent question that set the world on fire, begging for more.  He urged us to Find our Why.  He put aside the typical process of understanding the how and what, to rather starting with your why.  Why do you do what you do? Because, according to Simon, if you know why you do something, you will be able to sell anything to anyone, and achieve anything.

href=”″>Simon’s video went viral and no matter what business workshop you go to, and no matter what business book you read or listen to, you will hear that sometimes invisible ‘why’ filter through.

When you were a kid, and you wanted to do something, what was the first thing your parents asked you?; Why; The how and when, the where and with who were immaterial until they knew why.

The same can be said for any new venture, whether personal or business-related.  Understanding and more importantly, believing in why you are doing it, can be the difference between succeeding or failing at it.

Let’s take the decision to leave one’s partner, move out and start a brand-new life on your own.  The practicality of actually moving your goods, finding a new home, changing your debit orders, and buying new stuff, are important, they are even obvious, but the why you are doing all that can be quite elusive.  If you cannot answer with a confident and reasonable answer as to why you are moving out, then it’s possible you shouldn’t.  Ask the right questions.

Starting up a new business or deciding to leave one job for another, are other reasons to ask yourself why.  Passion is a very popular answer, for most things.  But, is passion enough to sustain what you are about to do?  Passion with purpose makes more sense.  Ask the right questions.

The woman that leaves her comfortable home life to pursue a lover who has swept her off her proverbial feet, is pure passion.  We are not saying that such a pursuit would fail dismally every time but being confident and sure of your reasons why should be mandatory.  Ask the right questions.

Many and most business coaches will ask you why you are in business and many will lead you to answer, because you want to grow your business.  But, a good coach will keep asking you why.  Why do you want to grow your company?  Um … because I want to make more money.  But, why do you want to make more money?  Well … because then I will be financially stable and less stressed.  But, why do you want to be in that position? And, so on.

The why question can be confusing at first.  But, Simon says that you have to have a purpose for why your business exists.  Passion, again, comes into it, and it isn’t a bad thing.  But, again, purpose behind the passion is what will make a good company great.  Ask the right questions.

Measuring your progress, measuring your growth, and measuring your goals, still need to have a reason behind them.  You may be working towards something, like peace, money, stability, status, or any number of other goals, but without the why are you wanting that answered, you are just on an endless road to nowhere.

We urge you, if you need to find your why, for any reason at all, purchase Simon Sinek’s Finding your Why.

We can guarantee you will not regret this investment.




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