Babies and Colic

Baby with ColicLiving with an infant suffering from colic can really drive a parent to their wits end. You may feel incompetent, depressed, or downright angry when all attempts to stop your baby’s crying seem useless. But, take comfort. You are not alone.

Experts believe that 1 out of every 5 babies born experience colic. Colic is usually diagnosed by the “rule of threes,” beginning between the third and sixth week of life, and in severe cases, lasting up to six months. Although no known cure exists, many colic remedies are available to provide fast relief during a crying outburst. Arming yourself with an arsenal of products, techniques and information proven to soothe colic will make YOU and your BABY a lot happier.

Picking the Right Colic Remedies for Your Crying Baby

Every baby is different. Therefore it stands to reason that every case of baby colic is different. You have to experiment to find the right combination of remedies to calm your baby’s crying.

  • White Noise is particularly effective for comforting a crying baby. In the womb, the prominent sound your baby heard was the “whoosh” of blood flowing through the placenta. This “whoosh” is a little louder than the noise of a vacuum cleaner running. White Noise CDs and White Noise MP3 downloads are widely available on the internet in different soothing sounds. Vacuum Cleaner White Noise is similar to the sound frequency your baby heard constantly for 9 months.
  • Gripe Water is a homeopathic colic remedy which has proven beneficial for calming symptoms associated with baby colic and baby gas pains. Gripe water brands, such as Colic Calm Gripe Water, contain natural ingredients such as chamomile, fennel, caraway, ginger, peppermint, lemon balm, aloe, and vegetable carbon.
  • Motion is another effective method for easing crying from infant colic. Whether it be a baby swing, baby stroller, a ride in the car, or a walk in a baby sling, a colicky infant can be soothed by motion.
  • Changing your baby’s diet to an easily digested formula such as Nestle Good Start can reduce the gas associated with colic. In cases of breastfeeding, changing the mother’s diet can produce relief as well.
  • Swaddling a baby with baby colic reminds the baby of being back in the womb. This can do wonders to calm a fussy baby fast.
  • Infant massage lessens tension, fussiness and irritability in your baby as well as aiding in digestion. The result is relief of gas and colic.


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