Banting Cocktail Recipes

Just because you are on a Banting or low carb diet does not mean that you should have to stay away from all alcohol and fun. Just like we know we can make and eat Banting-friendly cakes, muffins and sweets, we now know that there are many alcoholic drinks that are low carb and safe to drink.

While you should avoid wine, beer and other sugary alcoholic mixes and drinks, spirits like vodka, rum, gin, tequila, whiskey, scotch, brandy and Cognac contain no carbs and can be used to make tasty drinks if we use some low carb ingredients. If we use natural and low carb sweeteners like xylitol and stevia, and natural flavouring extracts instead of syrup, tonic water, fruit juice or cool drinks then we can easily create low carb cocktails.
Banting-friendly cocktail recipes

Carb Free Mint Julep

2 mint leaves
5–10 drops stevia liquid
crushed ice
+- 60 ml whiskey


Place the mint leaves, stevia liquid in a glass and then add the crushed ice and pour the whiskey over the ice.

Low Carb Margarita

90ml tequila
60ml fresh lime juice
30ml vodka
1/2 tsp orange extract
5-10 drops stevia liquid
Crushed ice
Salt to rim the glass


In a cocktail shaker add the tequila, lime juice, vodka, orange extract and stevia.
Moisten the edge of the margarita glasses and then dip the edge in salt.
Half fill the margarita glasses with crushed ice. Pour the cocktail mixture evenly between the glasses.

Keep in mind that when we consume alcohol the body uses its metabolites as fuel and stops burning fat for a brief time. If you are trying to lose weight rapidly then it is best to avoid alcohol completely, but if you are simply living a low carb lifestyle then having some banting friendly cocktails and drinks is perfectly fine.


banting cocktail recipes