Benefits of Drinking Chai Tea

Chai tea is a comforting beverage that has been enjoyed for centuries in India. It is a potent blend of tea, herbs and spices. It has been used by Ayurvedic medicine for maintaining and improving mental and physical health and wellness.

There are many varieties of Chai tea but most of them have the following ingredients: tea, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon and cloves. Some of the teas that are commonly used are black tea, oolong tea, green tea and rooibos tea. All the ingredients work together to make the delicious taste, as well as the health benefits.

Here are some of the benefits of Chai Tea:

• It is full of antioxidants which fight aging, cancer and inflammation.chai tea
• Ginger aids digestion and is a great anti-nausea remedy.
• Cardamom is great for improving circulation and improving digestion
• Cinnamon helps those with blood sugar imbalances as it sensitizes the cells to insulin.
• The combination of ginger, cinnamon and cloves help to protect the body from bacterial invasions and may even help to fight infections.
• Clove is a wonderful anti-parasitic herb.
• Chai tea works to calm the body and mind and is a great stress-fighting beverage.
• If you suffer with IBS this is the tea for you. It calms diarrhea, soothes cramps and encourages the digestive “fire”.
• If you have arthritis, the combination of spices, especially the ginger, will help to reduce inflammation.
• If you are trying to quit coffee, try Chai Tea instead. It contains a small amount of caffeine (much less than coffee) and has more health benefits.

There are now many different flavours of Chai available, so you will never get bored.

It is advisable to drink at least one cup of Chai Tea per day, preferably jut after a meal to aid digestion. You can drink it hot, or even iced. Chai tea now comes in convenient tea bags or as a powder to make instant Chai. You can add milk and honey for flavour, or any milk substitute you prefer. It can also be enjoyed black and without added sweetener.

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