BIOTONE® Is back!

Today life demands higher levels of energy and concentration than ever before.  Sometimes one needs a little extra drive in our busy life-styles of children, career and sport.  So many energy drinks on the market contain too much sugar and heavy doses of caffeine which lead to energy peaks and crashes.

Biotone®, newly re-launched in South Africa and the staple drink of high achievers in Europe for over 40 years, is a solution for people needing a lift during stressful periods or high intensity sport training.  Added benefits of Biotone® include increased libido (by up to 50% in both men and women), improved concentration and enhanced muscle recovery.  Biotone® is an all-natural tonic that contains the active ingredients Kola Nut Extract, Phosphorus and Manganese.

Kola Nut has been proven by scientists to gradually release small doses of caffeine into the body over an 8 hour period. Compared to a cup of coffee with 100mg or a cola drink at 47mg, the small 4,8mg of caffeine provided by one ampoule of Biotone® is released slowly throughout the day, offering ongoing sustained energy to the body. In addition, Kola Nut contains theobromine which is a natural mood elevator also found in dark chocolate.

Phosphorus and Manganese are essential minerals which play vital roles in the body to help to build energy, rapidly repair weak muscle and improve concentration.

With its potent combination of Kola Nut Extract, Phosphorus and Manganese, Biotone® helps to combat fatigue, lack of concentration and muscle cramps.  Biotone® also has a direct impact on the production of sex hormones and therefore helps increase the libido over a 30 day period.

*As BIOTONE® contains a minimal amount of alcohol used as a preservative (18,6% V/V per 10ml ampoule), professional sportsmen and women should take care not to exceed the required dosage during training and in-competition.  Pregnant and lactating women should not use it.  Recommended for ages 18+ due to the alcohol content.

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