Blu Phuzion™ Serum Breast Gel

Blu Phuzion Breast Gel Serum stimulates the natural formation and storage of fat reserves within the breast lending fullness to the bust (up to a cup size increase within 3 months) as well as enhances skin elasticity thereby firming and moisturising the bust and outer skin which supports its function as the natural bra. Overall result – a more youthful appearance of the breast and cleavage.

Directions of Usage

Apply twice daily, preferably after bathing while skin is supple & warm. Massage in circular movements around the bust + décolleté. For added benefit, exfoliate once or twice per month with Blu Phuzion™ Exfoliator with Granules
Breast enlargement and firming
1.Apply Blu Phuzion™ Serum Breast Gel twice daily to the bust and cleavage area.
2. After 3rd month use as a maintenance routine and apply every 2nd day to keep desired results.
Breast firming without enlargement
1. Apply Blu Phuzion™ Serum Breast Gel twice daily to breasts and cleavage area for 2 months.
2. After initial 2 months apply every second day to keep breasts firm and perky

Blu Phuzion breast gel results

Bio Phuzion Breast Gel