Blueberries  are one of the most antioxidant rich foods on the planet. Sometimes referred to as the “brainberry” or “youthberry”, they have magical skills like neutralising free radical damage to cells, and promoting the production of good quality collagen. They provide anti-inflammatory benefits to the brain and muscle tissue; and improve digestive and urinary tract healthWe are going to combine them with nuts to make our blueberry nut  bombs.


Instructions on how to make your blueberry and nut bombs

Melt butter or oil in mug microwave. Swirl it around mug to stop sticking.Add all wet ingredients and mix well with fork. Add dry ingredient and make sure the baking powder is evenly distributed.Add zest, berries and nutsMicrowave on full power for  1 minute IF SET LET STAND FOR ANOTHER MINUTE IF NOT COOK FOR A FURTHER 10 SECONDS Remove from mug and dollop cream or yoghurt on top.



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