In days gone by blushing was considered an asset for demure damsels, but good grief, there are limits to the amount of blushing one would like to admit to. Fair-skinned women can really be embarrassed by a flush of red and nowadays it is not considered ‘cool’ anymore.


For those suffering from rosacea, blushing or facial redness is something they have to get used to, and often people are not even aware that they have rosacea. Unfortunately it is a skin condition that can evolve in stages and reappear after a few weeks or months. It is characterised by blushing, redness, burning, red bumps and small cysts that tend to come and go and affects the facial area. It generally lasts for years, and if left untreated, can worsen.


Facial stinging, burning and itching have also been reported. The redness in rosacea, often aggravated by flushing, may cause small blood vessels in the face to enlarge (dilate) and become more visible through the skin, appearing like tiny red lines (called telangiectasias).



Couperosis can occur in a person that has previously suffered rosacea and indicates a weak capillary and connective tissue network. It can be caused by the impact of cold (or heat) on the face and dilatations of the blood vessels may appear as little dots, but mostly appear in the form of little threads. This can also appear as bluish discoloration of the skin, or dark rings under the eyes.


There are many potential triggers for rosacea such as exercise, alcohol, caffeine, spicy foods and almost anything that will cause flushing in the facial area.



At Skin Renewal clinics there are several treatments that will significantly reduce the appearance of rosacea and couperosis and at the same time will benefit the entire skin area being treated.

IPL Photo Genesis

IPL Photo Genesis™ involves a series of gentle treatments designed to rejuvenate skin by utilising light. It is non-invasive, there is no downtime and it improves redness, flushing and dilated blood vessels encountered in people with rosacea. Photo Genesis™ selectively treats red or brown spots on the skin and the superficial heating also causes dilated capillaries to shrink. Although rosacea is a chronic condition and cannot be cured, its appearance can be improved.

Laser Genesis™

Alternatively Laser Genesis™, a non-invasive laser, can improve a condition such as rosacea and will reduce excessive redness, uneven texture and there is no downtime here either. It shrinks the tiny red veins and when combined with a Limelight procedure, very good results can be expected. Four to six treatments are needed for the best results. The Limelight works similarly to the Laser Genesis, but the combination of the two has been shown to have a superior result.

At all times a medical doctor will assess and recommend, so you don’t have to worry about ineffective treatment procedures.

Transdermal Mesotherapy with the application of Couperosis

Couperosis is a cosmetic treatment which has been formulated to fight red patches in the skin and minimize the reactivity of blood capillaries. It is topically applied and has an effect on three levels i.e. calming and smoothing the skin, decreasing capillary permeability and protecting the dermal extracellular matrix.

SkinMedica Redness Relief is on promotion this month and it is a clinical breakthrough that reduces the appearance of visible redness.

Mesoestetic Couperend Maintenance cream, with a soothing and decongestant action, will help to restore skin comfort in all skin types especially sensitive skin and hyper-reactive skin.

Dietary Guidelines

Your skin is a terrible tattle-tale! It will show and tell if your diet is not healthy. A few broad guidelines to help you on your way:


Drink lots of water (about 2 litres a day)

–          Eat plenty of raw fruit and vegetables.

–          Ensure lots of fibre in your diet.

–          Use vitamin and mineral supplements.

–          Take it easy on the protein and especially the fat content of all food consumed.

–          Avoid dairy and fried foods

–          Avoid spicy foods, alcohol and hot drinks as it can cause flushing

In following the above, you may avoid rosacea flare-ups and learn how to keep symptoms at a manageable level.

Skin Care & Make Up tips

Whatever brand you choose, make sure it is for sensitive skin, allergy tested and fragrance fee, and test before you use! Be very gentle with your skin and keep all brushes and sponges squeaky clean to avoid possible bacterial contamination.

Choose a green-based foundation and powder which will visually reduce redness and even out skin colour. Try mineral powders and eye shadows because eyes tend to be very sensitive in people with rosacea. Avoid red lipstick as it may emphasise the redness of your skin, rather use a more neutral shade.

Surely I don’t have to tell you that a good sunscreen is mandatory? But whatever you do, make sure it will not aggravate your skin condition! Blushing will only be allowed when a handsome stranger offers a bunch of flowers on any given day!