The Body Pillow: Ultimate Comfort

Sleep is so important to our emotional, mental and physical health. It is when our body rests, repairs and provides us with the energy to face each new day head on. Aches and pains, poor neck support, uncomfortable mattresses and many other things can contribute to insomnia and restless and uncomfortable sleep.

This is where the Body Pillow comes in. The Medi-Line Body Pillow provides support for the whole body to ensure correct and comfortable body positions during sleep. It can be placed between your knees while you lie on your side to prevent friction and keep the spine aligned. Alternatively you can hold the Medi-Line Body Pillow to your chest as you sleep. They do not get compressed or move around the way regular pillows do. They are so versatile that you can use them during the day too, simply put it behind you for extra back support while you watch TV, read or work on your laptop. You don’t have to have any problems to enjoy the Body Pillow!

During pregnancy women often get a sore back and battle to find a comfortable position to sleep in. The Comfi-Curve Body Pillow is designed specifically to act as the perfect support for pregnant women. It follows the natural curve of your body to provide ankle, leg and back support and of course support for your bump too! When you are breastfeeding the Comfi-Curve Body Pillow provides excellent support for your back and your baby. Even if you are not a pregnant women (or a woman at all) the Comfi-Curve Body Pillow is a great idea for anyone who battles to get comfortable during sleep.

Whichever Body Pillow you choose, it will help with insomnia, snoring, poor circulation, body pain, neck pain, sciatica, acid reflux and are useful for anyone recovering from surgery. The Body Pillow is an excellent idea for a gift for people of all ages. The Comfi-curve Body Pillow will make a great baby shower present!

The Body Pillow covers are available in White, Coffee, Pink, Navy Blue, Wedgewood Blue and Virescent Grey.

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