Book Review: The Saint, the Surfer and the CEO by Robin Sharma

The Saint, the Surfer, and the CEO is the latest offering from world famous motivational speaker and author, Robin Sharma. His first book, “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari,” was a best seller and inspired people all over the globe. He has written 15 inspirational books and conducts workshops all over the world that aim to get people living their best life.

This story follows Jack Valentine, a man facing challenges in his professional, personal and financial life. It is an accident that lands him in the hospital which propels his story forward and ultimately ends up changing his life completely. Without giving too much away, he sets off on a journey that has him meeting a saint, a surfer and a CEO. Each of these people teaches Jack valuable lessons about wisdom, service and love.

This delightful book uses the art of storytelling to bring across meaningful messages about life purpose, fulfillment, joy and connecting with your inner-child. It is powerful to read a book like this where the author uses a story to teach, unlike many self-help books that run through various methods in a dry manner.

This story highlights the importance of things like meditation, gratitude, helping others and positive thoughts. Without these life-changing techniques, we cannot lead a life that we truly love. These techniques will help you learn how to combat stress, improve your self esteem, attract love and prosperity and create the future you want.
If you are feeling stuck in your life, unhappy, unfulfilled, stressed and unsure about the future of your relationship, finances or job, this book is for you!

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