Book Review: The Power by Rhonda Byrne

The Power by Rhonda Byrne

“The Power” is the second book from bestselling author Rhonda Byrnes who originally wrote a phenomenal book called “The Secret”. Byrne’s first book took the world by storm and spawned a movie by the same name.

The Power is a follow on to The Secret and it explores more about the law of attraction and how you can truly harness this universal power. Health, wealth, happiness, love, a great job, and everything else you may want are possible by mastering the techniques that are taught and explored in The Power.

The “power” that is discussed in this book is the power of love, and the truth is that love is the key to properly manifesting what you want from the universe. The Secret explored love and the power of our feelings when trying to manifest the life of our dreams, but The Power goes into more detail and emphasises that no matter what we think, how we FEEL is the key to manifesting.

Byrne talks about how everything in the universe is either positive or negative, and the way to attract more positive things is to spend more time feeling positive feelings. Our heart is essentially a magnet for happiness, joy and love if we listen to it. The book focuses on the ‘law of love’ and how we can manifest what we want by using emotions, enthusiasm and love. There is more to manifestation than just visualising, talking about or writing about what we want. The real key is the emotion behind it.

The book has chapters covering various topics, including love, gratitude and action steps like meditation. The concepts are kept simple and easy to understand and there are many personal stories in the book which will inspire you.

This book features quotes from some of the most famous and inspiring spiritual and thought leaders such as Jesus, Mother Teresa, Einstein, Loa Tzu, Buddha, and others. These quotes will help guide you to your highest good on a daily basis.

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The Power