Book Review: You Can Heal Your Heart

You Can Heal Your Heart is the latest offering from self-help guru Louise Hay. In this book she teams up with grief expert David Kessler to discuss how to deal with loss and heal your grief.

The book deals with every imaginable loss, from divorce, death of a loved one, death of a pet, to loss of a job or your health. It also covers less commonly talked about loss, such as abortion, miscarriage, suicide and the loss of an LGBT partner who may not have been recognised as such in your life.

This book is remarkable in that it does not encourage you to avoid or forget the trauma of the loss, but rather to acknowledge what has occurred and give yourself permission to grieve. This is a powerful step as emotions need to be felt before they can be let go. This book teaches that none of the feelings that accompany loss are wrong or bad, they just are.

The book is well written and it is easy to understand and apply the teachings. Each chapter deals with something different. There are many personal stories from people who have gone through profound loss and have come out the other side using the tools and teachings of Louise Hay and David Kessler.

It helps us all to realise that loss is a part of life and is often unavoidable. David Kressler brings his knowledge about creating new ways of viewing the painful experience and how to use self-empowering tools to deal with current or future losses. Louise Hay is famous for her use of positive affirmations, and this book is no different. Louise brings in affirmations for grief and loss and explains how these can be used to move on from painful experiences and create a positive and happy life.

The simple message of the book is that you can heal from painful grievances by acknowledging and moving through the emotions. It is a must read for anyone who is experiencing or has gone through loss or heartbreak.

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