Ho Ho Ho | Christmas is a time of wonder

Ho, Ho , Ho! What little presents did Santa leave for you after Christmas? Well, I’m not too impressed with mine. When I tried on my little black dress for New Year’s Eve… my gift was keeping me from doing up my zipper!

Perhaps I was carrying a festive season baby? No, these “bumps” were the product of overindulgence! It started with cookies and milk on Christmas Eve, then all the good food on the Christmas table, bubbly, wine, snacks, more bubbly, snacks again, more wine, etc. Whatever your favourite tipple or sin, there was more the good things than usual.

During the year we are more likely to eat good food consistently, avoid the bad ones and exercise regularly. Well, come holiday time and all of this is forgotten and you say things like “Oooh, I really shouldn’t” or “Maybe a little bite won’t hurt?”, while you are loading all these good things onto your plate.  Well, all is back to normal and it is time to return the gifts you don’t want!

Slender Wonder

So, let me give you some really good advice to help you start the year off well. The Slender Wonder weight loss program is the only one that I have tried that works well and keeps on working. The only secret is that you HAVE to follow the plan to the tee and the results will be amazing! In fact, depending on how much you have sinned, an average loss of between 8-15 kilograms in 6 weeks has been documented. Slender Wonder is a low GI eating program that treats the cause of obesity and increases leptin levels. High leptin levels means safe and effective weight loss and especially losing resistant fat.

i-Lipo Laser Lipo Treatment

How about slipping into something cooler in this hot weather? When you are near goal weight and there are still little pockets of fat or areas that could look more sculpted, more help is available in the form of a cold laser. This low dose of light targets the fat cells and encourages the fat to empty out of the fat cells. After the treatment, 30 minutes of cardio exercise is mandatory to transport the fat into the lymphatic system. The unwanted fat is then metabolised and all you have to do then is to enjoy the results in the mirror. One major benefit is that fat cells are left undamaged and can therefore be refilled in future, should your body need to do so. With liposuction these cells are removed and you may find that when you pick up a bit of weight, you develop fatty bumps in areas that are really unsightly.

Cryolipo Fat Freezing Treatment

If you thought I was joking about slipping into something cooler, how about freezing? The Coccon Cryolipo Fat Freezing treatment has a similar treatment goal as the i-Lipo, but here the resistant fat is frozen into crystals which cause the fat cell to be destroyed and the body then metabolises the fat via the body’s lymphatic system over a period of 6-12 weeks. One or two areas can be treated at the same time and this is great for love handles, bra bulges, saddle bags or fatty knees.

Although the centimetre loss is not immediate and a few treatments may be necessary, the loss is gradual and more natural than radical surgery or liposuction.

Both of the above treatments are not treatments for obesity or major fat loss, but rather for sculpting the body to perfection. The Slender Wonder program, however, can be used for major weight loss, as well as those who need to lose only a few kilograms. This will help improve your health, as well as getting rid of all those “Christmas presents”.

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Ho Ho Ho | Christmas is a time of wonder | Over indulgence