How to clean your PerfectAire Unit.

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The PerfectAire  unit is designed to improve your lifestyle and fit into it without making it more complex. You will need to clean your Perfectaire unit twice a week for optimal function (every 3-4 days).  This process is very quick and easy!

1) Tip the dirty water out of the bowl, wipe with a soft cloth and rinse with warm water – DON’T USE SOAP and don’t put in very hot water or the dishwasher – IT WILL MELT! Should this happen by accident, please  order a replacement bowl.


2) If there is a residue developing from lime in your water or pollutants from the air, use some vinegar to clear the residue. Simply fill the bowl with white spirit vinegar, put your nozzle and base plate in the bowl and leave overnight! Do not try to scratch the lime scale off of the parts.

3) Refill with clean water to just below the MAX line and add 5 mls (1 teaspoon) of your favourite Microbeshield solution (remember  to shake the bottle first!). Change water every 3-4 days.

4) Next, remove the nozzle by holding the round base plate firmly and twisting the nozzle anti-clockwise (clockwise for the uniball units). Clean inside the nozzle and the end silencer cap. Replace once you have cleaned it out – a stiff bristled paintbrush works very well for this!

Should your Perfectaire unit be spinning the water but no water is spraying on the side of the bowl, check if the little silencer cap on the end of the nozzle is not blocked with dust or fluff. Clean with an earbud and your problem is solved. This happens more easily if the unit is used intermittently – constant usage is optimal. You may also remove the silencer cap permanently if you so desire, it’s only function is to reduce the flow of water and thereby the noise level of the machine. Please note the only units with the silencer cap are : Leaf, Starfish, Rainbow, Egg  and Sea Shell units.

5) The round base plate can also be removed for cleaning, with a firm pull (monthly). If you own the Egg unit, you can also remove the Fan with a firm pull. Scrub with a toothbrush – if the parts have lime scale on them, soak in vinegar first if necessary.

6) If you own the Egg unit, once every 4 months please remove the small silver screw next to the controls on the side of the Egg unit, then twist to remove the dome lid and clean out whatever fluff and dust has accumulated with a dry paintbrush.

7) Over time your purifier will accumulate dust in the dome where the air is drawn into the machine. Our motors are WATER RESISTANT and so you may hold the top/dome of your unit with the nozzle pointing upwards. Gently DRIZZLE a small amount of water around the sides of the outer casing. Avoid pouring water directly onto the motor. Swish the dome in a circular motion and the dust should rinse out of the vents in the top of the dome. Ensure all the water is drained out of the casing before turning the lid back over.

perfectaire_egg_lifestylecafe8) Please do not attempt to open the motor casing as this is a specialised machine that is to be worked on by our trained technician. Opening of the motor casing will result in your warranty been waived. A service is recommended every two and a half to three years.

9) Because your purifier also humidifies, the water level will drop during the 3-4 days between cleaning. Simply top up the water to the MAX line so that your purifier can continue its process with optimal filtration available. If you would like to revitalise the fragrance within the 3-4 day period, just add two or three drops to the water, you do not need a whole teaspoon!




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