Combat Emotional Drama

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Emotional drama, it’s impossible to avoid it completely and the dramas may not even be happening to you personally and yet you are still affected. If you have become that shoulder to cry on and your life is peppered by angry outbursts, tears or even tantrums on a regular basis, it may well cause considerable upheaval to your own emotional health.

There is nothing worse than being bombarded by the dramas that seem to consistently occur in other people’s lives. Emotional drama is often triggered by an inner response and some people are less able to deal with this response in a rational way. It’s not easy and there may have been times when you have fallen foul to negative thoughts yourself. Your mind can often become your biggest enemy instead of that tangible friend. For example, if your partner has been very late home from work, you might worry that an accident has occurred, but then as the minutes tick by agonisingly slowly, your imagination kicks in along with the realisation that it’s the second night in a row that you have been waiting and worrying and before you know it, you are convinced your partner is suddenly having an affair.

Your own emotional drama occurred as a direct result of your inner fears escalating to the surface but if left unchecked, those fears can easily become behavioural habits that become the norm. Emotional drama is damaging, your stress hormones go haywire and common sense goes out of the window. Emotional drama can often be avoided when you know how.

When others turn to you in their moment of crisis, it is easy to help feed their dramas by becoming involved. Don’t do it. Step back and remain neutral. You can still be a friend without fuelling the emotional fire. It’s important that you stay centred and focussed. Switch their focus from their erratic thoughts to their breathing. Count them through the inhalation and exhalation process. With the breath come restored clarity and calmness. Stress and anxiety symptoms should be taken seriously, panic attacks, feelings of faintness; hysteria may occur but become less as emotional stability takes over.

Inner fears can breed damaging negative thoughts and these can become poisonous when left unchecked. Understanding how emotional drama occurs is half the battle, but doing something about it is vital both for your sanity and theirs.

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