Why Drinking Water is Wise

The next time you decide to hit the espresso pot at work, why not take a turn past the water cooler first. By taking this small detour, you’ll be getting far more than just a generous serving of office banter on your morning break.

We all know that our recommended daily dosage of water is eight glasses per day but how many of us actually whet our thirst this often? Up to 60% of our bodies are made up of water and to maintain a healthy system we need to be actively aware of our liquid intake. Rather than just fuelling our bodies on sugary drinks, or diuretics such as alcohol and caffeine, we should be keeping it pure and simple by swirling H20 in its natural form.

waterIn addition to helping us maintain a correct balance of bodily fluids, water is necessary for the smooth functioning of our kidneys, nourishment of our skin as well as keeping our muscles energized. If this isn’t reason enough to upend another glass, water can also help prevent weight gain and support weight loss. By eating foods high in water content, you feel fuller for longer. The higher volume requires more chewing which means energy is released more steadily throughout your system, which staves off the snack attack cravings and keeps the sweetie drawer in your desk firmly closed.

Water is all well and good if consumed in its natural form but, believe it or not, these days, enjoying a splash of pure water is not necessarily as easy as turning on a tap. There is a reason that over the years the sale of bottled water has gained momentum as steadily as a rushing waterfall. People are prepared to pay hefty prices for liquid that is free from harmful toxins and chemicals. But there is a more cost efficient way to upping the count of your sips than by buying unpronounceable bottled brands specially “bottled at the source” on top of some mystical mountain in a far off land.

By owning you own water filtration jug you can have unlimited access to your personal, healthy supply of H20 whenever you need it. Conveniently placed in the door of your fridge, there’s no excuse not to take a swig the next time you fish out the milk for your coffee. The jug is easy to fill and the filters are simple to replace when the need arises. Even better news than this convenience is that with Webwin, you have the chance of owning your very own water filtration jug for free!

These water filtration jugs ensure that the water which passes through it and your body, is alkaline and negatively charged, just like your system’s cells. This increase in the liquid’s bodily benefits cleanses and rejuvenates your body and mind from the inside out.

With summer just around the corner, there couldn’t be a better prize than your own water filtration jug to get yourself looking and feeling good for the warmer weather. I don’t know about you but I’ll drink to that!