Give your Home a Makeover Clean

Do you dream of sunny days lazing in a field of flowers, surrounded by the scent of orange trees and freshly cut grass?  Well, you don’t have to travel too far for this – just give your home a makeover clean.

There is nothing quite like a house that is squeaky clean.  Coming home is a dream.  Waking up in the morning feels like a holiday.  It isn’t an easy feat to keep one’s house spic and span. Especially when there are kids to contend with and their messy ways, husbands that leave their shoes laying all over, and pets that decide your couch is their new bed.

better earth tile cleaner

But, once you have made that effort to give your home a makeover clean, you will feel like you have walked into a new house.

Trying out new products is fun too.  Our tried and tested remedies can sometimes just feel, well tried and tested, and boring.  Dipping into a pocket full of new fragrances can just lift your spirits and that of your house.

better earth auto dish gelAnother factor to consider is how the products you are currently using affect the earth.  The Better Earth range has the future of our good world in its fingers tips.  Not only is this range eco-conscious but also gentle on your hands and nose.

Whether you are washing the dishes,  cleaning the floor, or  scrubbing the bathroom and toilets, you can do so and protect our earth at the same time.

What else does Better Earth offer?

Cleaning your clothes is a pain, but when they come out smelling of a lovely spring fresh fragrance, you will be glad you did.

Odours can ruin furniture, clothes, curtains and even your hair, from smoke to that funny smell coming from the toilet, it’s good to know you can eradicate it all away with a few swift pumps.better earth laundry gel

And did you know that you can buy a compact Better Earth Home Kit, packed with a 1 litre bathroom and toilet cleaner, a 500ml natural cleaning spray and a 750ml dishwashing liquid?  Perfect to get you started on your way to give your home a makeover clean.better-earth-lifestylecafe

A lovely ending to this amazing discovery is that it is a known fact that fruit fragrances actually enhance your ability to think clearer.  In addition, fruit scents have a way of lightening your spirits and helping you feel good about yourself.

Well, if that’s the truth, then you are really solving many issues with these amazing eco-friendly products.

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