Going herbal with Olgani dental products.


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Natural ingredients, specially selected medicinal plants, and a unique concept for treatment is the Olgani core belief to proper oral and bodily care.

Olgani say bodily because each part of our body absorbs what we apply to it. What ever we use, be it moisturizing cream, cologne, or even our toothpaste, to some degree is absorbed into our body and moves through our entire system. At Olgani it is believed that each product they produce should be beneficial for our whole body.

Olgani Naturals founder, Olga Niemkiewicz immigrated to South Africa from Poland in the 1980’s with her husband Dr Thomas Niemkiewicz in search of new beginnings.

Overwhelmed with the abundance of natural ingredients and plant variants South Africa had to offer, Niemkiewicz continued her hobby of researching plants medicinal properties and creating various remedies for her family. “The use of natural ingredients and wholesome food to protect and maintain health, was an important part of my life since childhood. My grandmother had a small pharmacy in Ostoleka, Poland, specializing in natural and herbal remedies. Family, friends and customers used her formulations daily. I inherited her interest and belief in the power of natural substances; I knew that with the abounding natural resources that Africa has to offer, I would be able to find the right combination of ingredients to help myself,” Niemkiewicz says.


In 2006, Olga was diagnosed with a serious case of periodontal disease, the same problem affecting millions of people a year. Niemkiewicz’s dentist immediately suggested removing the affected areas, however, Niemkiewicz was not prepared to go under the knife without a fight. Requesting a four-month window before the operation, Niemkiewicz set out to remedy her oral health condition using her knowledge of natural remedies.

“I went back to my dentist after those four months and she couldn’t believe her eyes, she was speechless.”

“Periodontal disease is not deadly, however it is extremely unpleasant and painful. I knew that the operation would only be a temporary solution, and that I would have to be back again in a few years.” Over the next four months, Niemkiewicz worked at creating an answer to her problem.

First she began by trying other products available on the market, many of which were time consuming and simply not practical. “So many products made brushing my teeth in the morning an ordeal that would last an hour or even more, this was frustrating and simply wasn’t going to work; there had to be an easier way.”

Eventually Niemkiewicz formulated the first of her series of brushing salts ‘Original’, which became the mast head to innovating a range of easy to use, effective, and completely natural range of products. “I went back to my dentist after those four months and she couldn’t believe her eyes, she was speechless.
That’s when I knew I had stumbled on gold.”

In 2008, after years of research and product testing Olgani Naturals was founded. Based on the belief that natural ingredients can help to maintain and improve health, Olgani Naturals launched their range of herbal brushing salts. These salts simplified the treatment of periodontal disease, gum problems, toothache caused by gum irritation and even bad breath. The range of salts was created for various age groups. “Not everybody has the same problem, and some people just want to look after their healthy teeth. We formulated different salts to answer the needs of these people in different stages of their lives.”

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