Goodness in every Bear – Bite-sized Vitamins for your Kids


Goodness in every Bear – Bite-sized Vitamins for your Kids

Most kids are fussy eaters and getting the required vitamins and minerals into their diet is a fight.  So, how can you make sure your kids stay healthy and grow up to be big, strong adults?


HerbaZone Herbabear Gummies – that’s how!

herbazone herbabears

These delicious raspberry flavoured chewable jelly bears are just the trick.  While we encourage a healthy diet and balanced meals filled with enough fresh fruit, vegetables, proteins and healthy fats, we know how that can be a huge challenge with kids.

And, what do kids love the most – candy!  So, fool them in the name of health and wellness, and give them 1-2 jelly bears a day, along with the rest of their food.

Why do my kids need vitamins?

Have you ever watched a kid run around?  They need all the energy supplements they can get.  And, they have a growing body and mind, that needs some help in order to grow correctly.

In addition, because kids are exposed to other sick kids on a regular basis, they need to build up a strong immune system.  While they will do this on their own, it helps if they get a little helping hand from something natural.

In addition, they need the following:

Enough sleep


And, by enough, we mean at least 10-12 hours a night.  This applies up to 18 years old.

Enough activity

Get your little ones out and about, whether it be involved in a sport or simple walking.  They need to move.  It assists with bone strengthening and is a good balance from sitting, television, and video games.


Enough good food and water

Fresh and healthy food is key.  And, enough of it, on a regular basis.  If your kid doesn’t want to eat veggies, then disguise them in other meals they like.  Such as, mashed up cauliflower in mash potatoes.  Butternut in macaroni cheese.  Ensure, as well, that they take in enough liquids. It doesn’t have to be just water but try to avoid sugary juices and high gas drinks.


Enough Downtime

Life can be stressful for our kids and with school alone an integral and very large part of their lives, they need to have time to switch off, much like we do too.  Ensure they read a good book, have time alone, and bond with family and friends.


Supplements and Vitamins

With products like HerbaZone Herbabear Gummies around, you can breathe easier, knowing your child is getting in that little bit extra, which they may not be getting from daily food.  Think about an additional supplement as well and consider a tasty shake for an early morning kick-off.

Enough Brain Power

As they are constantly growing, stimulating their brain is important.  Challenge them.  Help them train their brain.  You can play educational games with them.  You can read with and to them.  You can solve puzzles together.  Anything that spurs on the juices and makes them think.vitamins

So, if you started off reading with a slight stress over that your kid isn’t eating enough good food, take a deep breath, purchase HerbaZone Herbabear Gummies and know that you have one less thing to worry about today.