Greener pastures

Many of our friends have left sunny South Africa for the ‘greener’ pastures of equally sunny Australia or not-so-sunny something else.

They go through endless meetings, fill in forms, pay out good money to have the privilege of living as permanent residents in a country that does have some advantages, but only if you follow the rules, obey the laws and stop thinking about how you can thwart the system. That is something we South Africans are really good at – how to bypass the system and not get caught. Yeah, right, you are a law abiding citizen and this doesn’t apply to you? What about yesterday when you jumped the queue at the robot, or you exceeded the speed limit, or just slightly understated your income to the tax man, and I can go on and on here….

At Skin Renewal they are like the authorities of that other country where you have to obey the law. They will oust permanent residents that do not belong or do not follow the system, and your wrinkles and skin discolorations cannot hide because the professionals at Skin Renewal will find them and make them disappear! Sounds good to me as I will obey anybody that can help me look youthful enough to be my daughter’s older sister.

I’m thinking facial peels here of which there are several choices, and I’m talking to you now because it is winter time and you are unlikely to be spending a lot of time outdoors and after peeling one should stay out of the sun as much as possible. Thus, at the moment, you still have at least three months during which you can fully recover and start seeing the results.

TCA Peels

A Trichloracetic Acid peel is a  quick, with mild downtime procedure that is suitable for acne or sensitive skin, sunspots, sun-damaged skin, dry or ageing skin or even oily skin with enlarged pores.

As we age, the skin’s turnover of cells slows down and by peeling, it will expose new healthy skin. The result is a fresher, brighter looking skin that also allows better penetration of active ingredients of skin care products. Definitely a win-win situation! In addition there will be a marked improvement in fine lines, wrinkles and a more even skin tone.

Revitalisation peels

Uses Mandelac acid or Glycomask that contains fruit acids. These act by mopping up free radicals which break down collagen and treats the abnormal collagen due to sun damage which results in wrinkles. It can be used on all skin types with minimal risk. Mandelac products contain lactic acid for gentle exfoliation and increased moisturisation.

Nimue’s Chemibrasion

It is a non-invasive rejuvenating treatment mask peel that results in rejuvenation and restoration without aggression or negative side effects. It offers a safe and slow delivery of active ingredients that exfoliates and alleviates the effects of time, sun damage and environmental damage on the skin. In most instance two treatments are adequate.

It treats environmental and photo damaged skin of the face, hands, arms, décolleté and neck, as well as ageing skin, hyper pigmentation, oily skin, uneven texture and mild acne scarring. As with all peels, a sunscreen of SPF# 30 must be used daily and sun exposure avoided.

Beta Hydroxy Peels

These are superficial, quick and no downtime which achieves a substantial improvement in the appearance of superficial lines and uneven pigmentation. Many skin problems are the result of dead skin cell buildup and by lifting these off the skin’s surface, will stimulate metabolism underneath. A series of Beta Hydroxy Peels can achieve substantial improvement in the appearance of one’s skin.

Depending on the strength of the peel, a mild redness and dryness may occur immediately following the procedure but should be resolved within a week. These peels are generally repeated at 1-4 week intervals for a series of 6 peels. Always protect your skin with a good sun block.

Whichever peel you decide on, or whatever is recommended to you, the most important thing to remember is not to forget your sun block. You are rejuvenating and exposing new skin, and that skin is vulnerable, which is why is must be protected until healing has fully occurred.

Most peels will have some downtime, so take into consideration how you can fit that into your schedule with minimal discomfort to yourself, and by the time we unwrap ourselves out of the winter cocoon of woollies and warmers, your skin will look as fresh as the new young plants in spring.