Harnassing your tantric energy

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Tantric SexTantric energy is a concept that connects with primal forces, which go beyond the usual physical energy associated with sex. In Tantric sex, the energies of the individuals involved and the universal energies combine into a greater, more powerful whole.

These harmonised energies lead to a sexual encounter that far exceeds any experience that is merely physical.

Universal Energy

Tantric practioners believe that there is a single primal energy, which they know as “Shakti”. This is the energy of creation, and is thought to be concentrated in women. Over time, and with dedication, both partners can learn teh art of Tantric sex in order to release the forceful energy.

Tantric sex should also act to bring “Shakti” into harmony with “Kundalani”. This energy is thought to be essentialy feminine, but Tantras believe that “Kundalani” is possessed by us all, regardless of gender. In addition, your body houses seven cwntres of energy know as Chakras. To access the Tantric energies, your Chakras also need to be in balance.

Tantric sex couple A state of bliss

Contrary to assumption, the physical act is perhaps the least important aspect of Tantric Sex – instead this ancient tradition focuses on the flow of potent energies. Tantric sex is about achieving a state of bliss and heightened consciousness rather than achieving an orgasm.

Positive approach to sex

The Western approach to sex is to use it to release stress and negativity. Tantric sex focuses on relaxation first before using specific techniques to create a positive energy between you and your partner, building to an infinitely more intense and long-lasting experience.




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