The Health Benefits of Negative Ions

An ion is either a negatively charged or positively charged atom or molecule. Negative ions provide the body with an excess of electrons that help it to maintain good health. Positively charged ions (also known as free radicals) slow down the body’s metabolism and makes it more susceptible to illness, while negatively charged ions increase the body’s metabolism and resistance to disease.

Negative ions are found in high numbers in natural settings, like near moving water, sunshine and plant life. Positive ions are found near air-conditioning units, carpets, tumble dryers and electrical devices. There is an abundance of positive ions in the air around us on a day to day basis.

Studies have also shown that an increase in negative ion exposure may improve depression, mood and reduce anger.

We may not always have the luxury of going surfing, or sitting in nature listening to the thunder of a beautiful waterfall nearby. However, by incorporating negative ion producers into our daily environment we can reap the benefits without leaving our home or office.

One thing you can buy and use immediately is a Himalayan rock salt lamp. The heat from the light bulb inside attracts moisture, and the evaporation of the water through the salt causes the release of negative ions. Not only does this lamp produce negative ions, but it also looks amazing in any room.

With a high enough concentration of negative ions the air will be purified of dust, mold, bacteria, pollen and cigarette smoke. The abundance of negative ions will attract a large amount of positive ions (particles polluting the air) to them and when the positive ions become too heavy to remain airborne, they fall to the ground to be vacuumed up.

Other benefits of negative ions include:

1. Help to strengthen the function of the autonomic nerves
2. Reinforce collagen
3. Improve the health of cell membranes
4. Strengthen the body’s immune system.

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