Health Issues men should not Ignore

Health Issues men should not Ignore

It is well-known that some men play Russian roulette with their lives and ignore important health issues, preferring to disregard  often ‘telling’ symptoms, avoiding that all –important visit to their doctor.  This avoidance however can be the start of their early demise and sadly statistics show in  that more than 100,000 men die unnecessarily when an early diagnosis could have saved their lives.

Women on average do tend to go and see the doctor a lot more often and this simple action can be a real life saver. Embarrassment, lack of knowledge or even laziness is often the cause of men not seeking medical advice and whilst it’s true that many symptoms are often not life-threatening they should be ignored at their peril. Men have to overcome their reluctance to seek medical assistance and instead start to take responsibility for their own health.

Here are some very important health issues to consider:

Moles – Sun worshippers know that they increase their chances of developing skin cancer but regular checks should always be carried out irrespective of any time in the sun. Gone are the days when skin care is not important for men and so it is not difficult to build in a weekly quick check. Skin cancer has to be taken seriously and changes should be noted immediately – such as colouring or the shape of any mole or if the mole has started to bleed.mens health

Depression – Feelings of intense sadness shouldn’t be ignored either. Anyone can experience feelings of melancholy but ignoring it will not make it go away. When suffering from depression, it can have a real detrimental impact on work, family and social life and it’s an overpowering condition to live with. Suicide is more common in men than women too so this condition must be taken seriously. It’s not simply a case of the doldrums and help is readily available. .

Testicular Cancer – sadly testicular cancer is very common and regular checks to ensure that there are no abnormalities or lumps beginning to form are paramount. Men can find it embarrassing to ask for help but testicular health is very important and even though most lumps are not found to be cancerous it is far better to be safe than sorry.

Trouble Urinating – Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers to affect men and when the prostate gland enlarges, a burning pain can be experienced as the man urinates. It’s painful and very uncomfortable and shouldn’t be ignored. I

Important health issues should never be ignored; early symptoms can in fact be the key to saving lives providing the individual heeds the warnings.

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Health Issues men should not Ignore