Healthy Skin Care Protocol with Blu Phuzion

Each day our faces are met with an onslaught of dirt, oil, debris, pollution and make-up. A proper skin care routine is essential to maintaining healthy, clear and glowing skin. It’s important to use skincare products that are free of cancer-causing parabens, are not tested on animals and that use highly therapeutic ingredients

The Blu Phuzion range of products meets all these requirements and is an excellent choice for your skin.

A morning and evening face cleansing routine is such a vital part of daily self care. It helps to remove the day’s dirt in the evening and can make you feel beautiful in the morning.

Cleaning the face with a good cleanser is the first step and this removes dirt and oil and prepares the skin to receive nutrients from the other products. The next step is to use a toner which refreshes the skin, removes more impurities and firms up the skin. Following the toner, you will use an eye gel to refine lines and wrinkles and moisturise the dry area around the eyes. This is a key anti-aging step and the eye creams for morning and night may differ as during the night we use a lighter gel so that the skin can breathe and repair. Finally you will lock all the products in with a good moisturiser. In the morning you will use a moisturiser with an SPF to protect yourself from sun damage. In the evening you will use a lighter moisturiser so that the skin can breathe and repair.

Here is a detailed look at your ideal morning and evening skincare protocol:

Morning Protocol

You may choose between the Blu Phuzion Foaming Facial Cleansing Gel (for normal skin) and the Blu Phuzion Cleansing Milk (for dryer skin). The Blu Phuzion Cleansing Milk is a soap-free cleansing milk lifts away make-up and impurities.

Next you will thoroughly clean any remaining dirt; make-up and oil form the skin with the Blu Phuzion Toner. This product is free of alcohol, so it won’t dry out your skin. This can be used by all skin types and even supports the healing of acne.

Apply the Blu Phuzion Moisturising Eye Cream generously around the skin just below the eyes.

Last but not least you will apply the Blu Phuzion Facial Day Moisturiser. It contains an SPF15 which prevents sun damage, as well as a blend of minerals to leave your face glowing.

Evening Protocol

The evening skincare protocol is similar to the morning routine, but it changes the moisturiser and the eye gel to formulas more suited for night time use.
The Blu Phuzion Serum eye gel is used after cleansing and toning. =It contains maxtrixyl which works on wrinkles, eyeseryl which drains fluid from the surrounding vesicles, and haloxyl which improves circulation around the eye.

Finally you will apply the Blu Phuzion Night Moisturising Cream.

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