Herbazone Calendula

HerbaZone Calendula Cream is a must for every mother and newborn babHerbazone Calendula Creamy. . It has been carefully formulated to treat not only baby, but to be used by mommy as well. The cream contains the herbs Calendula, tea tree Oil, Centella Asiatica and Comfrey.

For baby: Nappy rash is any mother’s nightmare because it is painful, distressing and almost inevitable from time to time. HerbaZone Calendula Cream applied with each nappy change will largely prevent nappy rash. Once nappy rash is evident however, Calendula Cream should be applied lavishly to the affected area with each nappy change, as well as after bathing.

HerbaZone Calendula Cream not only treats and heals nappy rash, it also forms a protective barrier between the nappy surface and baby?s tender skin. New mothers are often distressed by the appearance of tiny pimples on their newborn?s face.

This is common and harmless, but may clear faster with frequent application of Calendula Cream.

For mother: Cracked, sore and inflamed nipples have often forced mothers to give up breastfeeding, despite their best intentions. Already during pregnancy, it is advisable to massage the nipples twice a day with HerbaZone Calendula Cream to make them flexible and to toughen them up in preparation for breastfeeding. Once the baby is born, continue applying HerbaZone Calendula Cream after every feed.

It is not harmful for the baby to ingest traces of the cream, but if you wish, tissue the cream off before latching. HerbaZone Calendula Cream can also be applied gently to the wound of a caesarean section or episiotomy, to expedite healing and reduce swelling and scar tissue formation. HerbaZone Calendula Cream contains the following: Calendula Extract Tea Tree Oil Comfrey Extract Centella Asiatica Extract Directions for use: Apply generously to affected area twice a day.

Contains no artificial colorants, fragrances or preservatives. Should symptoms persist, consult your medical practitioner.