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    Herbazone Libido Capsules

    Everbody experiences a lack of sexual interest, performance and stamina sometime in their life. This may be a result of stress, illness, fatigue, pescription medication, depression, aging, hormonal imbalance or performance anxiety. HerbaZone Libido Capsules is a tonic both for men and women, which combines a blend of potent aphrodisiacal herbs with specific nutrients to enhance sexual pleasure and to boost the libido. HerbaZone Libido improves the flow of blood to the genitals to increase sensation and the intensity of the orgasm. In men, increased blood flow ensures a sustained and stroong erection, while increasing vaginal moistness in women.

    Directions for use: Take 1 to 2 capsules daily as a tonic, or 2 before the event to assist performance. Warnings: Do not exceed 6 capsules per day. If you are on treatment for a medical condition, please consult your practitioner before use. Not suitable during breastfeeding and pregnancy. Latest findings: Men who took Siberian Ginseng experienced a 60% improvement in their ability to achieve an erection, compared with 30% improvement in men using a placebo. Buy Herbazone Libido Capsules Here Only one study has been done to date on the little known Brazilian herb Muira Puama by the institute of sexology in Paris. Of the 262 men who had trouble obtaining an erection, half responded positively to the herb.

    Each capsule contains:

    Yohimbe 20 mg

    L-Arginine 50 mg

    Horny Goat Weed 20 mg

    Siberian Ginseng 50 mg

    Saw Palmetto 20 mg

    Vitamin E 15 mg

    Zinc (as sulphate) 10 mg (elemental)

    Cayenne Pepper 1 mg

    Ashwaganda Extract 10 mg

    Damiana Leaves 20 mg

    Tribulus Terrestris 100 mg

    Muira Puama Root 20 mg

    Sarsaparilla 20 mg

    Shisandra Extract 10 mg


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