Homemade Teeth Whitening Mouth Wash Recipe

Looking after our teeth is an important part of maintaining whole body health. The mouth is a source of harmful bacteria and plaque which can cause cavities and even chronic health issues like heart disease.

The food and drink we consume, like coffee and sugary foods, can stain our teeth and as we age we lose our attractive white teeth and they are replaced with dull and yellow teeth.

Using conventional mouth washes actually breeds bad bacteria because they contain alcohol which dry out the mouth and sugar or artificial sweeteners which are not good for oral hygiene. Luckily there are many natural and house-hold items that we can use to make a mouth wash that whiten and remineralise teeth, and freshens breath.


3 cups filtered water
15ml colloidal silver liquid
2 teaspoons A.Vogels mineral powder
2 teaspoons xylitol
10 drops mint oil
10 drops lemon oil

The xylitol sweetens the mixture and protects against cavities. The mineral powder whitens the teeth and re-mineralises them which should heal and prevent cavities. The essential oils freshen the breathe and whiten teeth. The colloidal silver kills unwanted bacteria.


In a large glass jar, add the water and mix in the mineral powder and xylitol
Add the essential oils and colloidal silver to the mixture
Put the lid on the jar and shake well
Store in the fridge for a few weeks

Use twice per day after brushing teeth and swish around mouth for about 2 minutes each time. This is not a replacement for toothpaste.

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