How to Do Your Own Facial at Home

Don’t we all love pampering ourselves from time to time  and  what better than to have a facial, it’s not only great for your skin but also very relaxing.But facials can be a bit pricey and we don’t always have the money to treat ourselves, now you can save on your facials and do them at home yourself.

How to Do Your Own Facial at Home

To learn how to do your own facial you’ll need the following:
Towels, facial cleanser, large bowl, pot, herbs, essential oils, a mask, toner, moisturizer.
Make your Homemade Facial Mask

Normal Skin facial– use egg whites 1/2 cup oatmeal paste and a tsp of olive oil
Oily Skin facial– smear some Milk of Magnesia on, rinse off when dry
Dry Skin facial– 1 egg yolk, 1tsp of honey and 1 tsp olive oil
Another option is to smear honey on your face. Leave it on at least 20 minutes, then rinse off

Clay facial masks– 1½ tsp French green clay, ½ tsp kaolin clay, 1½ tbsp aloe Vera gel, 1 tbsp rose water, 2 drops rose essential oil
Combine and mix the clays, add essential oils, aloe Vera gel and rose water

Do Your Facial Treatment
First, make sure your hair is off of your face.

Second, wash your face, removing all makeup and dirt. Put a hot, wet the towel on your face for 10-20 minutes.

Remove the towel and wash your face with your favorite cleanser, suitable for your skin type. Use your fingers and make sure to thoroughly cover the areas around the nose and forehead that have a tendency to be “oily”.

Fill a large bowl with water. Select herbs such as lavender, mint or calendula for dry skin or mint, lavender, rose and witch hazel, for oily skin.

For sensitive skin try calendula, chamomile, or comfrey. You may also use essential oils such as sweet orange, rose, almond or anise essential oil.
Pour the mixture into a pot and place the pot on a stove. Take the pot off the stove, when the water boils.

Make a tent with the towel and move your face over the steam for up to 10 minutes if it is not uncomfortable.

Make sure not to get to close to the heat as this may cause your discomfort and could potentially burn or scald you.

Now is the time to place a face mask on. Make sure that you don’t get any in your eyes.

Next, relax and let the mask thoroughly dry on your face. Many people enjoy the soothing effect provided by cucumber slices during this step of their “do your own facial.”

Once the mask has dried, rinse off your face. Make sure that you get all of the mask off your face to assure a good facial result.

Put on a good quality, non alcohol toner or a stringent and some lush moisturizer on your face. Enjoy!