How to Use a Himalayan Salt Block

Himalayan pink salt is centuries old and comes from deep within the earth, which means it is not contaminated by environmental pollutants. There are many uses for Himalayan salt which include flavouring food, baking, curing, adding to water for a mineral boost, disinfecting food, bathing and many others. The newest use for this salt is in the form of a Himalayan salt block, plate, platter, and bricks which are used for cooking food.

You can cook meat or vegetables on your Himalayan salt block, and the process is much the same for all foods only varying in cooking time.

The most difficult part of using a salt plate or block is the heating of it. You must make sure to take it slowly and this will ensure that the salt plate lasts a long time. Simply place the salt block on a gas stove top or grill (if you use an electric stove then use metal ring to stop it touching the surface of the electric burner). Turn the stove on the lowest heat and let the salt block heat up for about 15-20 minutes until it at a temperature of about 90 degrees Celcius. Then start increasing the heat every ten minutes (from low to medium, etc). This can take about 40 minutes altogether.

The trick is to make sure your block is hot enough but also not heating it too quickly. If you cook with it and it is not hot enough then your food will be too salty and the block will become damaged faster. To see if your salt block is hot enough try splashing it with a few drops of water. If the water sizzles and evaporates immediately then you are ready to cook! Place your food on the salt block and cook it until it is done, then remove it using only metal utensils (no plastic!). Your food will be well seasoned, cooked to perfection and delicious!

To clean your Himalayan salt block simply let to cool completely and then slightly moisten it and scrub with a soft brush to remove any food matter. Wipe it down with a sponge afterwards and make sure not to let it get too wet. Repeat this until it is clean of any food and then pat it dry with paper towels or a dry cloth and leave it on a drying rack. It is very hygienic to cook with a Himalayan salt block because there are natural and powerful antimicrobial properties in the salt. You never need to use detergents or chemicals to clean it.

Store your salt block or plate in a dry area where no moisture can get at it. If you need to you can wrap it in a clean towel and store in a cupboard.

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