How to Use a Prayer Box

prayer box

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The power of prayer is something that cannot be disputed. No matter whether you subscribe to a particular religion or not, the positive and profound effects of prayer have been witnessed and felt by many.

Essentially prayer is about focusing on a specific intention, letting go of doubt and having faith that this intention will come to pass. Quantum physics now recognises that the energy that is created during this practice actually goes out into the universe and gets to work!

A prayer box allows you to clarify, organise, and write down the things that you desire and are thankful for, as well as those things that you are anxious and upset about. The practice of writing down our prayers helps to set the intention and the act of putting the paper in the prayer box and closing the lid is symbolic of you letting go and having absolute faith that this prayer will be answered. Writing down your wishes and desires in the present tense gives them energy and power to come true. If you believe it has already come true this banishes doubt and empowers faith.

Prayer boxes have been used traditionally by the Christian, Jewish, Hindu and Islamic religions and were often worn on the body or kept in the house as a way of keeping scriptures or prayers close. It serves as a reminder that God is listening and that prayer will be answered if you pay proper attention. The non-religious individual does not need to worry because the power of prayer transcends all religions.

Prayer boxes are a great way to remind oneself to set goals and intentions and after some time this becomes a habit that will help you to create the life that you desire.

Prayer boxes can also be used for sentimental purposes. You may want to use it to keep pictures of friends or family, the first tooth your child lost, a lock of your baby’s hair or a precious stone given to you by a loved one. This ensures that these items are stored safely in a scared place.

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