In support of endangered species

The undertaking to create public awareness around endangered species led to the launch of Living Endangered by The Last Word, an exclusive range of lifestyle merchandise, including unique, exquisite jewellery and select, fashionable bags.

Bags from The Last WordThe geometric design spells ‘I care’

In the search for a traditional, leather hand-craftsman Frankie Fleck, curator of Living Endangered, came upon Cape-based Cobus van Rooyen whose unique handwork and authentic philosophy resonated with her strive for excellence.

The bags, which highlight the endangered Geometric Tortoise, are hand tooled and hand stitched using instruments and techniques dating back to the 18th century. Each bespoke item is made to last.

“They are fashionably classic and fit for heirloom status,” says Nicky Coenen, general manager of The Last Word.

Living Endangered recognises the plight of all endangered species, particularly the Geometric Tortoise, the Table Mountain Ghost Frog, the Golden Protea, the Zebra Seahorse and the Hawksbill Turtle which are also depicted in an extraordinary range of jewellery, and on works of art.

To further the awareness of smaller, critically-endangered species, five per cent of all Living Endangered sales is donated to the Wilderness Foundation.