Ingrown Toenails

Everyone always tell you to cut your toe nails straight to prevent ingrown toe nails and to prevent infections in diabetics.

This is however only true for people with straight, flat nails who never wear closed shoes.

Do you cut your toenails properly?

Seeing as most humans have curved toe nails, some more than others and most people wear shoes it does not make sense to cut your nails straight.

Straight cut nails tend to catch on the toe box of the shoes causing nail bed damage or traumatic lifting of the nails. It is bets to follow the contour of the toe, leaving a bit of free edge and then rounding the corners to prevent nail spikes which can cut into the skin.

Many people do not know that most medical aids pay for having your nails cut by a podiatrist every few weeks. So if you are having trouble cutting your own nails simply visit your podiatrist.

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