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It seems like an easy activity – to breathe – but us humans are not great at it.

As much as we need water and food in our lives, so we need oxygen, and taking full advantage of the latter can have amazing benefits to our body and well-being.Here’s why you should just breathe:

1.    Stress Reliever

It’s a known fact that taking deep belly breaths in and letting the air out in just as bigger breath, on a repetitive basis, can alleviate stress levels.  Your muscles relax, your head clears, and you are able to deal with much more, in a calmer manner.  Try it!breathe

2.    More Oxygen to the blood stream

Your blood needs oxygen in order to flow well and reach all the areas of your body.  Breathing properly aids the flow, thereby helping your entire body function better.

3.    Lower Blood Pressure Levels

Oxygen helps your muscles relax and in turn your blood vessels dilate, and therefore your blood pressure levels will come down to their normal and preferred level.

4.    Detox!

Dump the fruit salad and veggie juices, just breathe and you will help to detox your entire body!  Your lymphatic system will function how it’s supposed to and release those nasty toxins.  Without the harmful toxins, the energy in your body can work in areas that require its help.So, how can you add more oxygen into your life?Just breathe!But, how, you ask?We call it conscious breathing and it really does require you to consciously focus on the air that enters and leave your body.  If you have ever been to a yoga class, you will understand how effective and energising proper breathing can be.

Simply do this:

  1. Breathe in through the nose

Your nose acts like a filter and is far better at keeping unhealthy air toxins from reaching your lungs.  Through your mouth, more of the nasty stuff is taken in.

  1. Feel the air entering your diaphragm

Try to fill your diaphragm, that’s the rib cage area of your inner body, with the air you breathe in through your nose.  This aids your lungs in handling the gas exchange.  The diaphragm movement helps to gently massage your organs, which gets them in a good healthy rhythm.  And, the lymphatic system functions better in dispersing of the harmful toxins.

  1. Let the air out in one smooth breath

And, make it a long exhale.  Get into the habit of breathing in a rhythmic manner.  Find your rhythm.  We all have our own movement that helps us feel relaxed and just better throughout our body and mind. It will take practice and you may even feel a little lightheaded when you first start this way of breathing.  But, it will eventually become a way of life for you. If you need some help in bringing more oxygen into your body, you can also try Mega Oxygen, a natural and systemic blood oxygenator.  The benefits of including this remedy into your everyday life can be seen in how your body reacts.  Known to counter the effects of migraines, heal wounds quicker, assist with combatting colds and flu, and helping with blood circulation and in turn detoxing the body, Super Oxygen is a great addition to your healthy diet and exercise regime. Happy breathing!





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