Keeping Your Brain Healthy

Your mother was right all those times she told you that you need eat your fruits and vegetables because they are good for you. But it is also a good idea to supplement you diet with vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants to protect your brain.

There are not enough vitamins in our foods, even if we ate right 100 percent of the time (and let’s face it, we don’t). The more you eat processed foods that come in a box and out of a factory, the less chance that it has natural vitamins in adequate supply.

As you age, your body requires more vitamins and natural minerals to do the job of repairing cells damaged by pollutants, free radicals, and stress.

Which vitamins are the best for your brain?

Here are a few all-star brain boosters:

    • Folic acid– revitalizes memory
    • Vitamin B6– boosts memory
    • Vitamin B12 –prevents “senility”
    • Thiamin– is a psychiatric “drug”
    • Niacin– is a universal memory pill
    • Vitamin E– is a super brain pill
    • Vitamin C– is a brain saver
    • Selenium– is a brain boosting mineral
    • Lipoic acid- is a number one antioxidant
    • Coenzyme Q10– is a brain energizer
    • Ginkgo- boosts aging brains
    • Phosphatidylserine (PS)- is a memory rejuvenator
    • Choline– is necessary for the brain’s memory architect
    • Huperzine- shows promise as an Alzheimer’s Drug
    • St. John’s Wort– is a natural Prozac
    • Sam-E– is another natural antidepressant

Check with your local health food store for recommended amounts. You can’t go wrong by taking a daily multivitamin, but be sure to supplement with Vitamin C, B complex, E, and other supplements which are never in adequate amounts in most multivitamin pills.

The evidence is overwhelming that taking a variety of vitamins and minerals is excellent brain insurance. They preserve and improve intellectual functioning and emotional well-being at all ages.

Suboptimal brain functioning from vitamin deficiencies is usually subtle and goes undetected; they aren’t always apparent on blood tests.

One study showed that 40-60 percent of adults were deficient in vitamins supplied solely through diet. A combination of vitamins and minerals can help restore optimal intellectual function and lift mood at the same time.

B vitamins are especially important in preserving aging brains and preventing against memory loss and brain diseases.