Know your eye type


Consider the landscape of your eye. The  crease is the equator, dividing the  upper and  lower lids ( the lower lid is everything below the crease and above the upper lash line; the  upper  lid extends from crease to brow).

The ideal eye ( when open) is made up of one third lower lid, two thirds upper lid. Naturally,  most of us don’t have these proportions, but  we can use shadow to create the illusion that  we do. For example, you can use a highlighter at the  brow area to  make a short upper lid appear taller. But remember : There shouldn’t be harsh lines  of demarcation.

If you’re not quite sure where your eye shadow canvas ends,  try this  trick. Hold one end of a pencil at the inner  or outer corner of your eye and tile the pencil until it touches the inner or outer edge of your eyebrow. That’s the boundary of your canvas.


AlmondThis shape is classic and  easy to make up. You can do truly anything with almond eyes. Just keep them looking fresh and  simple. Apply a  shimmer pale colour across the entire lid, moving from lash line to brow. For added emphasis, take a darker colour and create a soft horizontal V around the outer corner; with the legs ending at the pupil.


Deep-set eyesThe goal : to bring your eyelids out. Apply a light shade all over the lid. Skip shadow in the crease and focus on lower lid and / or outer corner : For emphasis apply colour across the  lower lid from inner to outer corner: professionals use dark shadow along the lash line from center to outer corner. This makes lashes look thicker and smokier focusing attention on the eye, not on the recessive lid.


HoodedHooded eyes, where skin from the brow bone extends almost to the  lash line, present a where -to -put-the -shadow problem. The solution: medium colour goes slightly above the  crease. Stay away from light lid colours and  opalescent textures, except at the  lash line, and avoid putting highlighter at the brow. finish with smoky outer corners; line the eyes with dark shadow from the outer corners to just above the pupils.


AsianStay away from light shades; light emphasizes the lid instead of the eye add depth with a medium shadow, staring near the inner corner and taking it up to the  crease  ( side-sweeping the lower lid on the  way up). Then apply it vertically, covering about half the upper lid. Next , line the entire upper lash line with a darker colours, ending with a slight upward tilt. Line the bottom lash line, too, but end in a straight line.


RoundBig round eyes ( like Demi Moore ) are often thought of as innocent. Women who like this  look can use  the  almond technique; But if round eyes seem too girlish, we suggest de-emphasizing  them by applying  dark shadow  on only  the  outer third of the lower lid, which “stretches” the eyes. For added drama extend dark shadow one  eighth of an inch past the outer corner in an upward direction, toward the  temple.


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