Look After the Skin You’re In

You have one skin that you were born with, so it makes perfect sense to look after the skin you’re in.

When you were a baby, your mother lathered you with the best creams and ointments on the market.  Her aim was to protect your delicate epidermis, from the sun, from aches and pains and from nasty bugs.

As you grew older, you wouldn’t have any of that smelly stuff around you, especially if you were male, and it became increasingly harder to keep your skin perfect.

Teenage years set in and invariably you may have been exposed to blemishes, pimples and the horror, acne.  You scrubbed away at your hot and angry skin, till you thought it would rub away.  Then you applied whatever creams were on hand, in the hopes that the ugliness would go away.

You hopped over into young adult stage and your skin cleared up, thankfully!  But, you had subjected yourself to the harsh sun and its really harmful UV rays.  Your skin yelped from dehydration and off you went to the nearest pharmacy to see what they had to ease your burning and now very dry skin.

As the years went by, you moseyed on through the 30’s and then the wrinkly 40’s crept up on you.  Your skin had matured, but it still needed some help.

The battle to look after the skin you’re in has raged over many centuries, but never has it been so easy as today.  We are thrown dead with all sorts of remedies but most times we have no idea which ones to choose.  We don’t know which creams and potions are right for our particular brand of skin.

Bio Phuzion is one such range of skin care treatments that makes the task to look after the skin you’re in so very very simple.

Cleansing Delight

Bio-foaming cleansing gelLet’s start with the first course of action.  Cleaning that lovely skin of yours.  Bio Phuzion Foaming Cleansing Gel has just the right mix of active ingredients to deeply penetrate your skin, but with that gentle touch.  Blemishes generally start from within, and while what you eat has much to do with the state of your skin, you can cleanse beneath the epidermis too.  A key ingredient is the Mother of Pearl, which hydrates, promotes skin cell metabolism, enhances peripheral circulation and repairs damaged skin cells.


Moisture AwayBio Phuzion™ Acne - Facial Moisturise with SPF 15

Moisturising should be a bi-daily routine, morning and evening.  Bio Phuzion Facial Moisturiser with SPF 15 prepares your skin for the day, protecting it from the sun and helping to retain your natural moisture.  A lovely feature of this moisturiser is that it helps to minimise the appearance of those fine lines and wrinkles.  In addition, the added moisture element gives your skin a fantastic elasticity so that you can even go without makeup.


Exfoliating Energy

Bio Phuzion™ Acne - Facial Exfoliator with EnzymesOnce a week, give your skin a magnificent exfoliation.  No matter whether you have problem skin or not, one needs to unclog the pores and let the goodness in. With a fragrant mix of pineapple, fruit extract, orange oil and papaya extract, the Bio Phuzion Acne Exfoliator with Enzymes is the perfect end of the week remedy.


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look after the skin you're in