Me Time!  Are you ready?

me time

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Me Time!  Are you ready?

When last have you had Me Time?  When last have you taken time purely for yourself?

Most of us just don’t do it or at least enough of it.

Why is it important to have Me Time?

Mindful Time

Our minds are so busy with other people’s ideas, other people’s thoughts, and other people’s needs, that we never allow ourselves to think about the one person that matters. Yourself.  Spending time just thinking about yourself seems selfish, but in fact is quite selfless.  Dedicating time to what you need will, in the end, help you be a better person.  You will be mindful of what you need in order to help others.

Stress Reliever

Contrary to those that think being alone sucks and is a sign of a lonely person, spending time with just yourself can be very insightful as well as a stress reliever.  When you focus on what your mind and body is telling you, you can calm down and just be.  This is why meditation is such a powerful and popular past-time.  And, most times happens when a person is alone.

If you just take 5 minutes a day to close your eyes, breathe deeply in and out, and think about your needs, you will find a much more refreshed and focused person that will emerge.

Rely on You

me time

We need people, there is no doubt, but there will come a time when it will be just you.  We don’t know the situation. We don’t know the reason.  But, one day you will need to just rely on you.  And, how will you do that if you are always surrounded by people and always in need of their help?  Learn about your strengths and learn about your weaknesses, so when the day comes, you are prepared.



Learn about You

When you are alone, you can be honest.  There is just you.  No one else is around.  Tell yourself things that you would not tell anyone else.  Be honest. Be brutally honest.  This is the time for me timeconfession. This is the time for saying it like it is.  Let it all come out.  Feel free from lies and pretend games.  This is the time to come clean.  You will find it very refreshing.

And, would you know, we have something for you to help you on your way to me time. Me Time – Midori is a collection of music that will enhance and encourage your me time moments.  Simply pop this cd in and relax.  Zone out. Zone in. Be with me, myself and I.  This is your time.  Whether you play it in the bath, whilst medicating on your yoga mat, or maybe whilst you drive.  You will find a relaxing and peacefulness come over you.

Me Time – Midori is available for purchase now.  Get ready for so much me time, you may just feel selfish … NOT!




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