Mother Earths Secret Healing Gift to you – Crystals and Gemstones: Learning more!

Tanzanite Crystal

Ever found yourself drawn to a pretty gemstone or crystal in a shop window, taking it home with you and placing it somewhere in plain sight, where it catches yours and other’s eyes on a regular basis or perhaps even placing it in a drawer somewhere and completely forgetting about it.  The magic of crystals is that they bring their loving and multilevel healing to you regardless of whether you bought them for that purpose or even believe that they have any ability to do so.

Crystal energy can do wonders for us, assisting us to heal, improve our lives and shift us from one way of thinking to another, all without us being aware of it most of the time.  Our subconscious mind often assists us in picking the correct crystal or gemstone, with it being able to tune into the subtle energy vibrations that the crystal emits and identifying it as something that we need in our life to assist us in one way or another, we seldom choose the wrong stone (or are chosen by the wrong stone) when we go by intuition.
Sometimes we read the labels and think – Ah yes, this is what I need in my life, but how many of us have bought these precious stones and wondered to ourselves ok, so now I have it, what do I do with it? Or perhaps you’ve wondered – Ok so what is the difference between cleansing, and clearing – or is there a difference at all?  How can I CONSCIOUSLY use crystals to improve my life?  Most of us aren’t looking for the highly detailed and specific crystal courses out there that take years to complete, and go into detail we can hardly understanding.
We would like to just know a little bit more about working with these beautiful gifts from Mother Nature.  The simple basic things like how to cleanse, clear and programme them. Perhaps you’d like to know how to work with them consciously, meditate with them or make crystal grids.
For those of you out there who are saying yes! – thats just what I want!, I am happy to advise that I offer a Crystal Beginners Course that covers these basics mentioned and more!
Then for those who are interested in Crystal Healing (Reiki 1 a prerequisite to Vibrational (Ethereal) Crystal Healing) and using crystals to assist adults, children and animals one can go one step further, and learn to use Vibrational Crystals in healing.  This method of healing is very pioneering and is the forefront of today’s Crystal and Energy Healing.  One is attuned to the vibrational (ethereal) energy of 64 crystals and is taught to locate the exact place (from the physical level to the highest auric field) to place the energy of the crystal into, to assist in the healing of the disharmonious body (animal, plant or human).
The advantages are huge in that not only are the Vibrational Crystals of a higher frequency than normal crystals, but one can place them into an organ (e.g. a kidney) and the energy of the crystal will remain where it is placed until its frequency is no longer required whereafter it will disappear.
This is obviously far more beneficial than merely placing a crystal onto the body, activitating it and then removing it an hour later or so. While the traditional methods still work as anything coming into our energy field will influence it in some way (positively or negatively or perhaps neutrally), the vibrational crystal healing’s effects are far longer lasting.

Anyone looking for a Vibrational Crystal Healing Session or wishing to partake in either of the abovementioned Crystal Courses should contact Sarah on

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for more information.  Based in Fontainebleau Randburg, Sarah is a Reiki Master and teacher who has being doing various wholistic therapies since 1996.