Multi-Vitamin Myths Debunked


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Multi-Vitamin Myths Debunked

The Multi-Vitamin has received a lot of flak over the past few years.  Those that promote a 100% pure and organic lifestyle believe that taking pills to aid your health is like peeing it against the wall, literally.

We take a closer look at the Multi-Vitamin and why they are still a good additive to your daily intake of nutrients.

While we are not saying you mustn’t eat healthy and clean foods, we do believe that to take in the required daily allowance of vitamins and nutrients via food alone, will find you struggling.

According to to ingest all the required foods in one day, will prove an impossible task and land you up spending most of your hours preparing and eating the said food.

In addition, most of our food, even when taken from the ground, is not all it’s cracked up to be.  The goodness has, in some cases, been tainted by crop sprays and our general ill environment.  When it comes to animal meat, we rely heavily on the fact that the animals are being fed healthily as well, which, very often, they are not.


Taking a supplement such as Super Vitamins and Oxygen will not only help you to reach your daily allowance of required nutrients and vitamins, that your body so needs, but also help you manage your food intake better.

Packed with their Super Oxygen™ formulae and some essential vitamins, you will find your energy levels increasing every day.

What’s in the bottle, you ask?

Calcium, that bone building gem; Vitamins A, E and C; Potassium, to manage electrolyte and fluids in your body; Protein, muscle building stuff; and Iron, which most of us are dangerously low on.

The vitamin tablets are crafted in such a manner that they let out just the right amount of goodness into your system.  You don’t have to think about it at all really.  Just trust the science behind it.

Why is the Multi-Vitamin good for you?

Maintenance of a Healthy Diet is tough

Ever tried to cook, pack and eat the actual required daily allowance of carbs, proteins and fats in one day?  It is possible, but to keep that going everyday can be hard work, and we all know what most of us do when something is just too much hard work.  We quit it.

So, ensuring you take a Multi-Vitamin every day can give you the peace of mind that you are getting some goodness in.  This does not mean you mustn’t eat healthy though.

You can choose a variety of mixes

A standard Multi-Vitamin normally covers the basic Vitamins, such as A, C and E; and then their partners in crime, iron, calcium and potassium are thrown in for good measure.  With all these in one tablet, you are in a good space.

If you, however, need a bigger boost, you can opt to increase one of these elements, with the advice from your doctor, by taking a single tablet in addition to the Multi-Vitamin.

Stats show that those that take Multi-Vitamin supplements on a daily basis fair better than those that don’t

That statement alone should sell you on whether you should bother or not.

If you are not sure on what to take, we urge you to try Super Vitamins and Oxygen and see the difference in just days.




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