Multiple Orgasms or Tantric Sex

Multiple Orgasms – sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Being able to come again and again, without having to wait until you’re hard again. Not to say you’re complaining about your sex life – you’re doing okay. But what if you could make that great sex a different, more intense experience overall?

Great Orgasm

Well, the good news is that you don’t need to be a tantric expert to learn how to have multiple orgasms. Just get these basics down, and with some practice you can have sex that blows your mind in a way you didn’t think possible before. Not only will you be having the time of your life, but she’ll thank you for it.

You probably didn’t know that orgasm and ejaculation were different functions. But they are – and this is the most important thing you can know about multiple orgasms. How multiple orgasms are possible is that you orgasm, but don’t ejaculate. This is what allows you to keep going. That’s not to say that you don’t ejaculate, ever – you can whenever you want to let go. But otherwise, you’ll orgasm, do a kegel clench to hold off ejaculation, slow down a bit to cool down, and then start again. It’s all about knowing the different stages, and the warning signs, or tingles, that your body gives you.

Embrace the power of the Kegel. Yup, that’s right – the exercise that’s mostly used by postnatal women. Don’t let that hang you up, though – this simple exercise is absolutely key to mind-blowing sex. To start off, stop urination midstream – the muscle you can feel clenching to control this function are your PC muscles.

The exercise itself is simple. Just clench, hold, unclench. Start in sets of ten, clenching for fiv

e seconds. Do this about three times a day, slowly working up to clenching for ten seconds. Don’t just start at ten-second clenches right away – it may seem easy, but if you overexert yourself you’ll strain the muscles, which will only delay the process.

You can see results in about a month to six weeks. This exercise is not only necessary to strengthen these muscles, but once you recognize the post-orgasm sign that you’re about to ejaculate, you’ll be able to clench your PC muscle, exactly as you would with a kegel, and keep your body raring to go.

Now slow down – just because we taught you a few tricks doesn’t mean you’re ready to do this in one go. It’s going to take some practice – in fact, it’s going to take a lot of practice. Don’t let that discourage you, though. You’ve never thought of masturbation as work before, have you?

Keep practicing, get used to that tingly sensation before orgasm, learn to recognize the moment you have to work with between orgasm and ejaculation. You’ll also learn exactly how long you have to pause before you start up again, without going soft. You’re not going to be able to concentrate on keeping your control and satisfying your partner.

To give you a bit of a head start, you may want to use a transdermal sexual enhancer. Just rub several small drops of this oil/lubricator onto your penis for longer, harder erections that give you more control and staying power. Besides, the oil feels amazing…far better than a dry hand.


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