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The PerfectAire purification system is a must-have item for all house-holds, schools, hospitals, waiting areas, restaurants and offices. You may think that is a bold and blanket statement to make, however once you read about how this product can improve your health and even your business, you will agree.

How does an air purifier work?

By directing air through a filter, these devices catch airborne pollutants and are able to continue doing this by filtering the air multiple times throughout the day to catch particles both small and large. Such pollutants might be dust, pollen, bacteria, fungi and viruses. By doing so, this may prevent infections, asthma, headaches and allergic irritation of the nose and eyes.

Why PerfectAire?

Perfectaire is an air purification system that uses water to literally wash the air clean. It essentially disinfects, re-energises and refreshes the air inside. The reasons that Perfectaire surpasses other air purification systems is that it uses a botanic-based concentrate that eliminates up to 99.98% bacteria, virus and fungi in the environment. The patented Perfect MicrobeShield® formulation is found in all the Perfectaire concentrates and is the key to clean and odour-free air due to its broad-spectrum anti-microbial activity. Its anti-bacterial effects have long lasting residual that can continue working for up to three years on hard surfaces.

PerfectAire units trap the particles in the water, which is changed periodically. This prevents the stickiness and dirtiness associated with most common air purifiers.


Perfectaire is useful for those with allergies or asthma because it reduces exposure to air pollutants. However, it is also a great addition to the home or workplace as it eliminates viruses and bacteria and may decrease the amount of sick days taken. For the same reason, it should be an essential part of any doctor’s office, clinic or hospital.

Mould and fungi in the home is a serious threat to health of you and your family. Perfectaire helps to prevent mould growth, which means it is a great addition to any home or apartment and could even save you money in the future as you won’t have to do expensive mould removal.

The Perfect MicrobeShield formula used in the Perfectaire device not only has the technology to eliminate air pollutants, but it also possesses the ability to detect odours. The makes it valuable to anyone who wants to prevent or eliminate the smell of cigarettes, pets and paint or chemicals.

Perfectaire is a great addition to an air-conditioned office or work space as it also acts as a humidifier.

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