BaoCare is a range of multi-tasking, natural skin care solutions, for the whole family. It comprises 5 unique products, each of which can help you with the skin conditions you or your family may be struggling with such as dry skin, eczema, teenage skin, adult acne, scarring, stretch marks and aging skin.


Acne SkinCare is a gentle, yet effective remedy for skin flare-ups of all kinds including teenage skin and adult acne. It will calm and soothe your upset skin.


Think of BaoCare Baobab oil as the multi-tasking mama of all botanical oils. Dry scaly skin? She’ll take good care of that with Baobab oil’s deep hydrating goodness.


No matter what your age, you have a natural beauty that is uniquely yours. BaoCare’s Radiance just helps it to shine through.


We’ve brought our 5 unique multi-tasking remedies together into one convenient BaoCare SkinCare Kit! Each remedy can help with the skin conditions you or your family may be struggling with


You know what it feels like, that maddening itchy and inflamed scratchiness which leaves you skin red, angry, flaky and feeling raw! BaoCare Soothe SkinCare immediately takes charge


BaoCare Tissue Oil is for those times when your skin is dry, dry, dry and is thirsting for extra attention and care. It’s also helpful for scarring and stretch marks.